A new Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) service for children and young people on the Isle of Wight is due to start this week.

Psicon will be providing the service on the Island and the transfer of service from Isle of Wight NHS Trust to them begins on 17th September, 2021.

Psicon, who have been providing children’s autism services on the Island since 2018, is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD.

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The Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have commissioned the specialist service.

Alison Smith, Managing Director of the CCG, said:

“We are pleased to announce Psicon will be delivering children and young peoples’ ADHD services.

“Our priority is always to ensure any service we set up is as safe and effective as possible, and that families continue to have access to vital care and support they need, here on the Island.
“We want to reassure families that if they have an existing appointment with the service to please continue to attend this at St Mary’s Hospital.

“We are working closely with the Trust and Psicon to ensure there is a safe and efficient transfer with no gaps in service for families.”

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The CCG has been working with the Trust for a number of months to review ADHD services for children and young people on the Island. This included assessing the current and projected demand on the service and demand on St Mary’s Hospital post COVID-19.

To ensure a high-quality service remains in place, it was agreed to commission a new healthcare provider to take over from the Trust.

Families have been advised that if they already have a confirmed appointment date then they should attend this as planned in the paediatric outpatient department at St Mary’s Hospital, unless contacted to reschedule this.

Children and young people under the care of the Trust’s ADHD service, including those on a waiting list will be transferred to Psicon and the NHS has written to families directly.

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4 days ago

Awesomefor the kids! But what about the adults who live/struggle with it?

Im 30 years old and was diagnosed at aged 6 with ADHD, refused meds from 13 ( as they were awful and made me feel like a zombie).

Recently I’ve had some hard struggles that have affected everything and my ADHD makes it about 3848382818x worse…. and there is literally nothing here for adults with ADHD.

My opinion is this: All the help in the word is great, but with no awareness its literally pointless, you still get people today who think ADHD is a disease and not a neurodevelopment disorder (which I’ve recently just had to explain to people at my own work).

Ting tong from tooting
Ting tong from tooting
Reply to  TonyADHD
3 days ago

Good post Tony, most people (especially on this site) choose not to recognise adult mental health, they presume it is a life style choice and not something you are born with. I do hope that
you can sort out your recent struggles.
All the best mate X

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