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A low voltage network fault is causing power disruption to households in Ryde tonight (Sunday).

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks are aware of the fault and engineers are on site working hard to get the power back on as quickly as they can.

Power is expected to be restored by 23:30 having gone off at just before 20:25.

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For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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128 known affected area(s)
PO33 3AX
PO33 3AZ
PO33 3DB
PO33 3DD
PO33 3DT
PO33 3DX
PO33 3EP
PO33 3ES
PO33 3ET
PO33 3EW
PO33 3EY
PO33 3EZ
PO33 3FA
PO33 3FG
PO33 3HB
PO33 3HD
PO33 3HE
PO33 3HF
PO33 3HG
PO33 3HH
PO33 3HJ
PO33 3HL
PO33 3HP
PO33 3HQ
PO33 3HR
PO33 3HS
PO33 3HW
PO33 3JD
PO33 3JL
PO33 3JN
PO33 3JP
PO33 3JR
PO33 3JS
PO33 3JT
PO33 3JU
PO33 3JW
PO33 3JX
PO33 3LE
PO33 3LF
PO33 3LG
PO33 3LH
PO33 3LJ
PO33 3LT
PO33 3LU
PO33 3PJ
PO33 3PL
PO33 3PT
PO33 3PW
PO33 3PX
PO33 3PY
PO33 3PZ
PO33 3QB
PO33 3QD
PO33 3QE
PO33 3QF
PO33 3QG
PO33 3QH
PO33 3QJ
PO33 3QL
PO33 3QN
PO33 3QP
PO33 3QQ
PO33 3QR
PO33 3QS
PO33 3QU
PO33 3QW
PO33 3QX
PO33 3QY
PO33 3QZ
PO33 3RA
PO33 3RB
PO33 3RD
PO33 3RE
PO33 3RF
PO33 3RJ
PO33 3RL
PO33 3RN
PO33 3RP
PO33 3RR
PO33 3RT
PO33 3RU
PO33 3RW
PO33 3RX
PO33 3RY
PO33 3RZ
PO33 3SA
PO33 3SB
PO33 3SD
PO33 3SE
PO33 3SF
PO33 3SG
PO33 3SH
PO33 3SJ
PO33 3SL
PO33 3SN
PO33 3SP
PO33 3SQ
PO33 3SR
PO33 3SS
PO33 3ST
PO33 3SU
PO33 3SX
PO33 3SY
PO33 3TA
PO33 3TB
PO33 3TD
PO33 3TE
PO33 3TF
PO33 3TJ
PO33 3TL
PO33 3TN
PO33 3TP
PO33 3TR
PO33 3TS
PO33 3TT
PO33 3TU
PO33 3TW
PO33 3TY
PO33 3TZ
PO33 3UH
PO33 3UJ
PO33 3UL
PO33 3UX
PO33 3XA
PO33 3XB
PO33 4ED
PO33 4EH
PO33 4HA


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Joe bloggs
Joe bloggs

Thank you, all back on


All the extra freezers the horders have.


All the extra dope being grown using heaters and lights, so those with charity kept children can still dress such in designer clothing. Even a ryde teacher growing in garage now, all adding to the strain on electrical supplies on antiquated supply wires, only meant for a couple of lights and one or two sockets per home.

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