Thousands of homes and businesses in Newport are without power this afternoon (Sunday) due to a network fault.

167 postcode areas in PO30 5– are affected by the outage, which hit at 15:15.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Network engineers are aware of the problem and are working to restore supplies as soon as possible.

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At present, there is no estimated time of when the electricity will be back on.

Earlier on today, a power cut was recorded in the Field Place and Trevor Road area between Newport and Carisbrooke. It’s unknown at this stage if the lunchtime outage is connected with this latest disruption to supply.

UPDATE @ 18:40 – Power has been restored to all properties. Anyone still experiencing issues should call 105.

167 known affected area(s)
 PO30 1BD
 PO30 1BQ
 PO30 1DF
 PO30 1DL
 PO30 3BZ
 PO30 4HZ
 PO30 5
 PO30 5AB
 PO30 5AG
 PO30 5AJ
 PO30 5AL
 PO30 5AQ
 PO30 5AU
 PO30 5AX
 PO30 5AY
 PO30 5BH
 PO30 5BT
 PO30 5BX
 PO30 5BZ
 PO30 5DA
 PO30 5DB
 PO30 5DD
 PO30 5DF
 PO30 5DJ
 PO30 5DL
 PO30 5DP
 PO30 5DR
 PO30 5DS
 PO30 5DT
 PO30 5DU
 PO30 5DX
 PO30 5DY
 PO30 5DZ
 PO30 5EA
 PO30 5EB
 PO30 5ED
 PO30 5EE
 PO30 5EF
 PO30 5EG
 PO30 5EH
 PO30 5EQ
 PO30 5ER
 PO30 5ET
 PO30 5EW
 PO30 5EX
 PO30 5EY
 PO30 5EZ
 PO30 5FB
 PO30 5FD
 PO30 5FE
 PO30 5FF
 PO30 5FG
 PO30 5FH
 PO30 5FJ
 PO30 5FL
 PO30 5FN
 PO30 5FP
 PO30 5FQ
 PO30 5FR
 PO30 5FT
 PO30 5FU
 PO30 5FX
 PO30 5FY
 PO30 5GA
 PO30 5GB
 PO30 5GD
 PO30 5GF
 PO30 5GG
 PO30 5GJ
 PO30 5GN
 PO30 5GP
 PO30 5GR
 PO30 5GS
 PO30 5GT
 PO30 5GU
 PO30 5GW
 PO30 5GZ
 PO30 5HA
 PO30 5HD
 PO30 5HE
 PO30 5HF
 PO30 5JH
 PO30 5JR
 PO30 5JY
 PO30 5LB
 PO30 5LG
 PO30 5LH
 PO30 5LJ
 PO30 5LL
 PO30 5LN
 PO30 5LP
 PO30 5LR
 PO30 5LS
 PO30 5LT
 PO30 5LU
 PO30 5LW
 PO30 5LX
 PO30 5LY
 PO30 5LZ
 PO30 5NA
 PO30 5NB
 PO30 5ND
 PO30 5NE
 PO30 5NF
 PO30 5NG
 PO30 5NH
 PO30 5NJ
 PO30 5NQ
 PO30 5PU
 PO30 5PW
 PO30 5PX
 PO30 5PZ
 PO30 5QA
 PO30 5QH
 PO30 5QP
 PO30 5QQ
 PO30 5QR
 PO30 5QS
 PO30 5QT
 PO30 5QU
 PO30 5QY
 PO30 5QZ
 PO30 5RA
 PO30 5RB
 PO30 5RD
 PO30 5RE
 PO30 5RF
 PO30 5RG
 PO30 5RH
 PO30 5RJ
 PO30 5RL
 PO30 5RN
 PO30 5RP
 PO30 5RQ
 PO30 5RR
 PO30 5RT
 PO30 5RW
 PO30 5SG
 PO30 5SJ
 PO30 5SL
 PO30 5SN
 PO30 5SQ
 PO30 5ST
 PO30 5SU
 PO30 5SW
 PO30 5SX
 PO30 5SY
 PO30 5SZ
 PO30 5UL
 PO30 5UN
 PO30 5UR
 PO30 5XL
 PO30 5XP
 PO30 5XR
 PO30 5XS
 PO30 5YB
 PO30 5YD
 PO30 5YJ
 PO30 5YR
 PO30 5ZB
 PO30 5ZE
 PO30 5ZF
 PO30 5ZG
 PO30 5ZH
 PO30 5ZQ
 PO31 8QR

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

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Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

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5 months ago

Absolutely amazing cutting the power good job that most shops are closed. Wonder what oracle has to say that’s twice in matter of a few days in the Newport disgraceful

Last edited 5 months ago by Steve
5 months ago

Make that 3 in a few days

Tings that make you go, hmmm
Tings that make you go, hmmm
5 months ago

too many growing and drying getting the crop ready for Christmas.

More tents in Newport, Ryde and Cowes than at the festy.

Overloading the system.

WAIT until more homes fill the Isle. Keep the candles handy then.

Vote this greedy council OUT.

Terry Lemmon
Terry Lemmon
5 months ago

The same day medina lights go live.

Chad Mullen
Chad Mullen
5 months ago

Growers to be sure.

5 months ago

It’s as if they are preparing us for the great reset new world order

Old bean
Old bean
5 months ago

Disgusting service

Level Phil
Level Phil
5 months ago

Hang on. Remember the headline on 17th November – SSEN takes to the sky: Innovative technology to keep the power flowing. Well that didn’t last long.

This comment, like the power cut, is a repeat.

5 months ago

Where is the oracle I ask SSEN’s defender of the indefensible. He has gone very quiet lately perhaps he has had his own power cut

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