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Lorna Rickman from Isle of Wight Parrot Rescue


There will be somewhere for some of the Island’s wild birds to be rehabilitated after the team over at Isle of Wight Parrot Rescue announced that they are committed to helping out.

The Island charity announced earlier this week that they would specialise in the care of Corvids, which consist of Jackdaw, Rook, Raven, Magpie and others following the unfortunate news that fellow bird rehab centre, Mr Wally AWOL & Friends would be closing after founder Kay Ounsworth recently became ill.

Kay, who has helped many birds over the years, still has almost 200 birds left in her care that need to be rehoused or released before she closes.

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Isle of Wight Parrot Rescue will take in baby birds and small birds and have said they will try their best to care for any bird they receive – but given the bird flu outbreak at the moment cannot risk their birds getting it.

On their Facebook page, Isle of Wight Parrot Rescue said:

“After much deliberation Lorna and I have decided that we will start helping out with the wild birds, we will only specialise in Corvids (Jackdaw, Rook, Raven, Magpie etc).

“We are even more desperate for help with getting the pavilion to us and taking it down, putting it up, etc as we will need the extra area it’s going to bring us.

“Please be patient with us in this matter we won’t be able to do everything all at once but we will try to do as much as possible, We will have an account at pets at Hart in Newport if anyone would like to make donations to the rescue towards food etc.”

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With the influx of wild birds due at the centre, specialist equipment will be needed to look after them.

As a result the charity has recently set up a gofundme page in a bid to raise funds to rebuild aviaries and create a new treatment room.

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12 days ago

Thank you all, lovely to know that some people care AND do something to help wild birds.

11 days ago

Parrot not Parrott.
Well done and good luck!


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