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Firefighters are working to contain and extinguish a large bonfire that has been lit in Ryde tonight (Sunday).

2 appliances are currently in attendance at  Ryde House Drive, off Binstead Road.

Smoke can be seen billowing into the night sky with an orange hue, caused by the high flames.

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The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were alerted to the cause for concern at around 22:20.

Crews have contained the fire and are letting it burn down before soaking the remaining heap.

Water is being pulled from a nearby hydrant, which may result in low water pressure for households in the local area.

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Old bean

Are people really that thick that you would light a bonfire with this wind really


Far too many idiots on this island these days, must be something in the warter, hope its not catching.


Is that the same warter they get in Majorca, When you fly from Luton Airport.


Think of how stupid the average person is, and realise half of them are stupider than that.


If it was started intentionally then it’s THE most irresponsible behaviour. Madness!!!!

Opinions Matter

Why are people so stupid these days? Given the high winds we had over the weekend this fire could easily have got out of control. As the saying goes “you can’t teach stupid”

Linda Belcher

People seem to be obsessed with bonfires on the island


Quite true, compared with other places there are a lot. Does not help it is so difficult to access the dump currently, but even so. The damage to lungs from the resultant particulates in the smoke must have an effect on health in this Covid age. I for one get a little breathless when passing one of these bonfire. Another, insensible thing, to ban.


oh yes stupid

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