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Concerns for the safety of 8 men and women aboard 4 small craft being used dangerously on the water led to Cowes RNLI lifeboat being launched earlier this evening (Thursday).

The individuals had crossed the Solent from the Calshot area this afternoon and some of the group visited Town Quay pontoon in Cowes at around 16:00.

The 4 craft made for the area of Osborne Bay but by then had already sparked the concern of other boat users in the area, which led to an emergency call to HM Coastguard. It was thought that some of the group had been drinking.

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Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team were mobilised to Cowes to assist the Harbour Master after it was reported that the pleasure craft were being used dangerously within the harbour limits.

Cowes RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was launched at just gone 18:10 and provided an escort for the 4 craft back across the Solent but not before strong words of advice were given by Coastguard Rescue Officers.

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Bob Trickey

Should be the same rules as drink driving


Jet skis need driving licences first though


They are bloody idiot’s rule for one they should be fined and pay the costs of the coastguards why should they get away with it maybe they was testing there eyes


Take the boat off them and auction it off, bunch of retards! Should of left them at sea!


Only a fool in charge of a vessel would get drunk, It’s a total disregard for any other person/s on board safety as well as the safety of other vessels.


Where were they drinking?


You can buy drink from a shop

Dave Manning

What a load of selfish rich twats
I would of sank the boat !


You don’t need to be a rich twat to own a boat. Just saying.


They should’ve had their “craft” confiscated and sold off. It’s about time breathalysers are used on these people.


Why wasn’t the police called. I thought being drunk in charge of a boat was still an offence.


Here here !!! No police when you want them rule for one again

I want a Knighthood

It is only an offence if the master is on a commercial vessel. Private craft are exempt.

Willoughby Matthews

Completely untrue. Against the law to be intoxicated in command of a pleasure craft, regardless if commercial or leisure…

Gentleman farmer

drugs all be the thing
an all
wiv howray henri’s
takin it or smulin it

Flibberty gibbert

Drugs are bad M’kay


Instead of chastising the people on the boats who, if you read the RNLI report, had done nothing wrong. How about the harbour master who caused great expense by calling the coastguard and RNLI to four boats that were in clear view of the ABP tower at calshot at all times. Surely a radio to the tower to keep an eye on the boats would have been for more practical and cheaper.

Willoughby Matthews

ABP don’t man the tower at Calshot. It’s run by volunteers from the NCI, who I’m not sure we’re there at this time.

John tibbet

I’ve seen this before from the echo, I was on my yacht and because I had a glass of wine I was named for being intoxicated and unsafe while I was still under the limit to drive a car, were these individuals breathalysed? The RNLI report states they were safe all the way back to calshot. I’m sure the individuals didn’t call the service them selves. So as a precaution they should have notified the tower at calshot to monitor there trip back to calshot instead of scrambling a life boat.

Harry Black

This whole thing looks to me like an excuse to launch the RNLI craft. The Crews have only been called out 6 times this year and 2 had been called off before the vessel even hit the water according to their report of this. COVID-19 would have forced most of the volunteers to work from home. so would have easily been available to be crashed out onto the water. With very few call out this year my opinion is that the RNLI sure this as a great excuse to get out on the water most-likely bored at home like the… Read more »

Willoughby Matthews

Harry, since you know so much, I’m sure you’re aware that lifeboats are tasked by HM Coastguard, very rarely do they “self launch”. On this occasion, HMCG requested the launch of Cowes Lifeboat following several incidents involving these people in the harbour.

Harry black

Willoughby, I don’t know that. I only have the knowledge that was made available on the RNLI website. Unlike most I prefer to look at all sources before making a judgment as media tend to blow things out of context. You are Entitled to your opinion on the subject as am I. You Appear to be the man with all the knowledge and judging by your comments your a member of the RNLI and attended the scene? If this is the case I would like to hear your account of the events instead of just repeating comments made in the… Read more »

Willoughby Matthews

Harry, you can see it online, cowes-lifeboat.org.uk or rnli.org. Please don’t assume volunteer crew launch the lifeboat “as a great excuse to get out on the water”, it’s completely untrue. If you want to find out, please check online or email your local station.

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