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Homes and businesses in and around Wootton remain without power this morning (Wednesday) – more than 12 hours after a power cut first hit.

Supply was lost at 18:45 yesterday evening in the PO33 4 postcode area, resulting in locals being left in complete darkness as night fell.

Initially it was hoped that engineers from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks would restore supplies by 22:00, then 04:30 and then 06:00.

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Now, after more than 12 hours without power, residents have been told their supply may not be restored until 12:00 midday.

A total of 34 postcodes are listed as being affected by the main network fault.

Island Echo is told that engineers have been working at Woodhouse Farm near Barton. There has been indication of a second fault being identified though.

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

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App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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31 known affected area(s)
PO30 4JX
PO33 1YF
PO33 4HT
PO33 4HY
PO33 4HZ
PO33 4JL
PO33 4JN
PO33 4JP
PO33 4JW
PO33 4JX
PO33 4ND
PO33 4NE
PO33 4NF
PO33 4NG
PO33 4NH
PO33 4NJ
PO33 4NL
PO33 4NQ
PO33 4PX
PO33 4PY
PO33 4PZ
PO33 4QA
PO33 4QB
PO33 4QE
PO33 4QT
PO33 4QU
PO33 4QX
PO33 4QY
PO33 4QZ
PO33 4RA
PO33 4RP

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Inbred iowter

WHAT the H#LL is going on with thrs company hunny hill and areas 4 times in as many weeks now wootton and areas where next is it lack of maintainance or incompetence I hope customers claim for damages and loss

The Truth

It’s like living in the 1970s, Get the candles from under the sink the power is out. AGAIN!

Tim C

Imagine the state of your freezer after 17 hours of power cut! Thats not good.
Where is the portable truck power generator to restore temporary power then?


It’s not as simple as that if there’s a fault on the 11kv ring.


Have been telling you all along its power shedding ita about time you all started listening and take the company to task


Time to buy shares in the Candle producers as it seems this company is like the peoples postcode lottery where it comes to cuts

Concerned of Wootton

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until those new houses are built at Pennyfeathers, and anywhere else the builders can get planning permission!
If the electricity supply can’t cope now – heaven help us later on.


Yes this will happen more so let’s use what we have got wind to make electric.oh i forgot the nimbys say no.


Clueless. Wind power is intermittent, get more cuts.


Your right you are clueless wind power stores electric till it’s needed.its cheap reliable and services lots of homes live in the present day.


Profits before maintenance, many people simply can’t afford to replenish their freezer so who is going to compensate them?


Its the spaceships I tell you, every time they come to experiment on steve they suck up all of the power

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