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Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth of Hampshire Constabulary has written a letter to locals addressing the new coronavirus restrictions.

It is now illegal in England to have a social gathering of more than 6 people – dubbed the ‘Rule of 6’. Hampshire Constabulary say they will continue to use common sense and discretion to determine what is reasonable under the restrictions imposed upon us all.

ACC Blyth has said:

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“We are confident that the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will continue to follow the regulations and guidance as we move on to this new stage.

“Thanks to everyone’s efforts, infection rates in our area remain low, but we have seen rises in cases across the county and in other parts of the country, and we must all continue to take personal responsibility to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

“The restrictions introduced on Monday (14 September) mean that gatherings of more than six people, indoors or outdoors, are prohibited. There are some exemptions – please take a look at the Government website for more information:

“Limiting the spread of infection is primarily the responsibility of public health, and not just down to the police, and we will continue to work with businesses, government, hospitality owners, local authorities, universities and others.

“Our approach throughout the pandemic has been to engage, explain and encourage people to comply with the regulations, and this will continue. We will use common sense and discretion to determine what is reasonable.

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“As a last resort, we will enforce, whether it’s by directing people to leave an area, or issuing a fine. We have found that the majority of breaches reported to us can be resolved without having to issue a fine.

“As you will expect, we have proportionate plans in place with dedicated patrols, and we will be out in our communities, speaking to people and making sure they understand what is required”.

You can tell Police about possible breaches of regulations via

Officers are said to be working hard to keep everyone safe from the full range of crimes, and demand is at pre-pandemic levels.

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The police cannot arrest u fir being in a group bugger that 6 people WE HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS, to be free, thy are abusing our human rights with this bullshit, yeah there’s a virus with a 00.03% death rate, so please tell why you are still scaremongering people!! IT’S ABOUT TIME IT STOPPED,, if there’s another lock down, I can be sure I won’t survive, the reason being MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!!!!!


“The police cannot arrest u fir being in a group bugger that 6 people WE HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS, to be free”
unfortunately for you, the Tory government, that the majority voted in, just change the law as they choose, so that they can arrest you!
“Human Rights”???,.. alas that went with brexit, so you don’t have any any more, unless ‘they’ want you to


I think maybe you want to get your spelling up to the point you don’t sound like a total numpty before you start educating people about virology and politics. It’s interesting how all the conspiracy theory posts look like they’re written by toddlers isn’t it? Almost like the mindset goes hand in hand with a lack of proper education or something.


Yeah, good luck with that! ZERO enforcement noted so far despite crowds in Cowes and elsewhere etc etc


Prison for everyone! Put everyone in prison! Forever! The virus can not get us in prison!


Especially on the weekends lol

Christopher Davis

Grow up and start acting like a responsible adult, good starting point try talking to people who have lost family members then perhaps you might stop making such comments


The police wont be doing anything at all and they have no intention of and quite rightly so.   This whole thing is an erosion of our liberty as people. Just because someone sits in a big building in london, that has a clock tower and are only there by the virtue of having gained the most votes at an election, not on any academic qualifications or experience, doesn’t give them the right to dictate to us or nanny state us like children.   people need to take responsibility for themselves – stay indoors if you are so worried and… Read more »

Mrs brown

How pathetic! You would think with all the paedophile’s on the iow they would look at protecting our children.
Just goes to show!

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