A community garden in Godshill has been created to help bring the local community together.

Reverend Frances Watson and Godshill Methodist Church clerk Netta Clark joined forces with their local church community to create a space where people could meet, talk and grow together whilst the community garden will help teach younger people new skills like gardening.

The idea came to fruition courtesy of support from the Rev, Godshill Crochet Club, the Social Prescribers, the Coop Member Pioneer and Shanklin Men in Sheds.

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Shanklin Men in Sheds helped build raised beds and a bench for the garden whilst Netta received £150 in additional funding from Ventnor Co-op, after she was encouraged to write to them asking for some help completing the project.

Link-Worker Lead for One Wight Health Ltd, Rebecca Baker said:

“We are delighted to hear that Ventnor Co-op is supporting the set-up of the Community Garden.

“We strongly believe this (will) further enhance social engagement and improve mental health and physical wellbeing through green social prescribing.”

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