george exteriorGame was once a staple of the British diet and featured regularly on menus in family homes. More recently, game has become less widely used and many of us may consider it an unusual ingredient that we would struggle to include in our cooking.

Austin Gould, Head Chef of The George Hotel, Yarmouth, aims to dispel some of the myth and mystery surrounding game. On Friday 18th October, Austin will be running a cookery demonstration at The George where he will take guests through the steps to prepare a perfect roast bird and suggest dishes to accompany it. This will be a fun informal evening and be followed by a delicious game supper.

Austin explains:

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“We often think of game as being difficult to source, to prepare and to cook and perhaps even an acquired taste, but in fact, it’s no more difficult than your usual Sunday roast. On the Isle of Wight we are lucky to be able to source a variety game from local shoots and estates.

“When it comes to cooking game we may often follow traditional methods but, with a little imagination, we can add new flavours and new twists to enhance the natural flavour of the meat.”

To get some hints and tips for the Game Season, visit The George Hotel website to book your place or call 01983 760331.

If you are unable go come along to the cookery demonstration, The George will be posting one of Austin’s delicious game recipes on their Facebook page after the event. You can also visit the website to subscribe to their newsletter for all the latest news, events, tips and recipes.

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