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2 Ryde councillors have once again competed against the clock and each other in a pancake tossing contest to raise awareness and funds for Ryde food projects that have supported the community through the pandemic. 

The contest, which normally takes place at the Isle of Wight Foodbank in Ryde, sees Councillor Michael Lilley and Councillor Wayne Whittle go head to head in a flipping fest to find the most prolific tosser in the timed minute-long competition. This year the event took place via Zoom and young people in Ryde are being challenged to have a go themselves.

Speaking of the event, Michael Lilley said:

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“Every pancake day since 2017, Cllr Wayne Whittle and I have flipped pancakes at Ryde Foodbank to highlight the reality of food poverty in the town and raise money for Ryde Foodbank.

“Due to Covid and Lockdown, this year the Ryde Pancake Challenge has been held virtually but with an added twist. We are working with Network Ryde to invite young people through their virtual youth club to beat Wayne and I’s record on the number of pancake flips in a minute with whoever beats our score will be the Ryde Pancake Challenge Youth Champion 2021. This is a fundraising event and all monies to be spent of food projects in Ryde.”

Wayne Whittle, the reigning champion said:

“It’s that time of year again where we get to fundraise for our fantastic hard working Ryde food projects, guess i’ll have to batter Michael once more to prove that i’m still the flipping champion and run the risk this time of getting KO’d by the Network Ryde gang. Bring it on!”

So, who won? There is only one way to find out…

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All proceeds are being split between the Isle of Wight Foodbank (Ryde), Aspire Ryde and Network Ryde. Donations can be made at £325 has been raised to date.

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Helen Highwater
Helen Highwater
12 days ago

“most prolific tosser” – several Councillors missing from this event, apparently.

isle of wighter
isle of wighter
12 days ago

Councillor Wayne Whittle go head to head in a flipping fest to find the most prolific tosser in the timed minute-long competition

ha ha ha – that is definitely the best line yet!

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