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Extra government money has been given to the Isle of Wight towards supporting adult social care this winter.

The Island will receive a one-off payment of £766,415 to help ease pressure on services over the coming months.

The council will discuss with health partners how best to use the cash to provide appropriate care to people once they’ve left hospital.

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Councillor Clare Mosdell, Cabinet member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, said:

“This money will provide vitally needed additional funds for our winter plans and help to ensure people receive the support they need when leaving hospital.

“We know how tough the coming months will be on adult social care and the NHS, and even with this money, we continue to face a very challenging time, simply because the levels of need for health and social care outstrips our resources.

“I welcome the fact the government is acknowledging the acute funding pressures we face in adult social care and doing something about it.

“I especially look forward to the publication of the Green Paper on funding social care for the over 65s and the government’s plans to provide sustainable funding for this area in the future.”

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The money from the government is part of a £240 million fund, distributed to councils across the country.

Council leader Councillor Dave Stewart added:

“We’re constantly talking to Westminster to make a case about the Island’s unique challenges and I hope we’ll get even more recognition when the funding review is announced next year.”

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