classiccarshow201303Thousand of visitors flocked to the 12th annual Classic Car Extravaganza held in Newport and Ryde at the weekend.

It was a cracking turnout of cars, motorcycles, trucks and even bicycles through the ages as the meet, held in aid of charity, put on a show to remember with vehicles for as far as the eye could see.

classiccarshow201302Before the skies opened up yesterday (Sunday), the sun shone down on Ryde Esplanade as cars stretched from Ryde Harbour all the way to Appley including stunning sports cars such as the rare Ferrari F40 and an Aston Martin DB5, worth an estimated £100,000.

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A beautiful mix of Fiats, Skodas, Minis, Fords and more spanning over 80 years of motoring were represented at both Newport Quay on Saturday and Ryde on Sunday, including the now classic Sierra and Escort Cosworths.

classiccarshow201305 classiccarshow201304

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