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Cowes Week Limited (CWL), the organiser of the UK’s largest and best-known sailing event, has today (Friday) announced the cancellation of the 2020 Cowes Week regatta.

The CWL team had hoped that it would be possible to hold the much-loved regatta this summer for the competitors, sponsors and spectators who come together to make it a success.

However, despite the encouraging progress that is being made towards the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that running a large event in nine weeks’ time, that will bring many thousands of visitors to the small town of Cowes, will not be possible while sufficiently protecting all those involved.

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Laurence Mead, Regatta Director, said

“We know that this will be a huge disappointment to many, as indeed it is to the team at Cowes Week.

“We waited for as long as we realistically could to see how the situation might develop, on the basis that our competitors would want us to run the regatta if it were possible.

“We appreciate the patience that everybody has shown while we have worked through different scenarios and would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have been on stand-by, ready to jump into action if needed.”

Kate Johnson, Commercial & Marketing Director, added,

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“We’re grateful to our sponsors, who have been understanding while we worked through our plans and have been willing to stand with us during this very difficult time.

“We know this will be disappointing for them, but also know that they agree that the health and safety of everyone concerned needs to be our primary consideration and that they view this as a responsible decision.

“We very much look forward to working with all our sponsors on next year’s event.”

Competitors already entered will be contacted in the next few days and will be invited to roll over their 2020 entry to the 2021 regatta, when Cowes Week will be back as the highlight of the UK sailing season on its traditional dates of July 31 to August 7.

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Ed Down


Last edited 1 month ago by Ed Down

Not exactly breaking news is it Darren.

Bob Seeley

Close port 2083 ☹️

Don't tell him pike.



Great news.
Don’t tell Bob Seely


What a shame, Cowes was the sailing Mecca, all that corporate entertainment and trade done locally.

Maybe next year!

Inbred iowter

Who put sand in the vaseline horay

Old bean

Least something at last has come out about corona least we wont have a load of snobs over here treating island like shit and thinking there better than anyone else brilliant news


I would rather have a bunch of snobs on the Island spending money than a load of drug taking, car crashing, trouble making chavs on the Island….

True caulk head

A real shame for the island but totally understandable considering what’s happening.
Good news for those moaners in Sandown and Luccombe, as we wouldn’t want the sound of sails flapping and people enjoying themselves keeping them awake or god forbid make their houses move.

Big Dick Jones

This is bad news for the local economy.Cowes has been dying slowly with out this.Now the locals are in big trouble with no money coming in.


I think the local will be alright, don’t you worry, just go back and polish your yacht.


The ok yar brigade will have to find something else to do….


Yah, we’ll spend our money elsewhere dahhhlinnkksssss!


What about the Motor Show best cancel that too. wont be able to social distance that will they?
Shame i only liked to see the Reds.


stop being such a bunch of snowflakes, flapping over everything – get the races on and the champers flowing.

Jenny Ahl

Whether you like “Cowes week” or not, so many horrid comments that are not needed. For hospitality including bed and breakfasts, short term lettings for crew and tourists, local traders and marinas “Cowes week” keeps the local economy alive. These are people livings, their jobs are in jeopardy. Times are tough for everyone due to covid 19 without this happening too. The local towns need all the support they can get otherwise there may well be some sad changes around so do not be surprised when that happens. Perhaps those that do not like sailing should be tolerant as it’s… Read more »


Would getting constantly splashed by salt water tend to inhibit Covid-19? Sadly, we will never know.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nic
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