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L-R: Treeve White, Niamh Sweeney and James Fletcher
L-R: Treeve White, President of the ATL Section of the National Education Union, Niamh Sweeney and James Fletcher

Cowes Enterprise College students James Fletcher and Treeve White acted as representatives at the Labour Party Conference on Sunday 24th September for the 300,000 strong ‘Send My Friend to School’ youth campaign, which is calling for increased investment in the power of education around the world.

World leaders have made clear a promise to ensure every child in the world gets a quality education by 2030. But a key piece of the puzzle is missing – the money to pay for this education – leaving the global picture with 263 million children missing out on school, and many of those in school not learning.

So to get the attention of their local MPs, thousands and thousands of young people across the country have been creating eye-catching paper jigsaw piece schools symbolising that there is a missing piece in the global education puzzle. They have added their own messages about why they think the UK should invest in the power of education.

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James Fletcher and Treeve White were selected from lots of applicants to become Send My Friend Campaign Champions. They attended the Labour Party Conference, speaking to senior Labour politicians and encouraging them to put pressure on the UK government to increase their investment in education around the world.

Earlier in the year, they also met the island MP Mr Bob Seely at the local hustings, and other parliamentarians in the Palace of Westminster.

14-year-old James said:

“It is an honour to represent young people from across the UK and speak up for the millions of children around the world who are missing out on getting an education.”

Peter Shreeve, a teacher at Cowes Enterprise College and local Secretary of the newly formed National Education Union, which supports the project nationally, said:

“It has been a brilliant opportunity for the boys to experience lobbying people in power and learn about how change happens. I am really proud of both students, who have shown maturity and tenacity beyond their years.”

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