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A cat that was chased 30ft up a telegraph pole by a dog has been successfully rescued by firefighters on the Isle of Wight this afternoon (Saturday).

The 15-year-old black and white feline scrambled up the pole in Victoria Crescent, Ryde and spent most of the day perched on top – too frightened to move.

A rightly concerned owner alerted the RSPCA to the situation, which in turn led to the assistance of the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service being requested.

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An Aerial Ladder Platform from Newport was mobilised shortly before 14:30 and it wasn’t long until a rescue was being launched.

Members of the public rallied around with blankets in case the adventurous moggy decided to make a jump for it. Thankfully, one of the retained firefighters from Newport was able to grab the cat and bring it back down safely using the aerial platform.

Island Echo understands the cat was chased by a Jack Russell that had slipped its lead.

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The casualty didn’t hang around to say thank you, making a quick escape from the area!


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Baa Lamb

What a great bunch of guys these fireman are. Diverse jobs, helping both people, animals and saving property and freeing car accident victims.
They are wonderful.


Well said Baa Lamb!! As for Pcw think you could take a long walk off a short pier for such a mean comment.



Last edited 1 month ago by Pcw

behave will you, headline news, it’s a poxy moggy

Sue Clark

Obviously not a cat owner then? Why bother commenting?!!!

Spinal tap

And you are a poxy mean human .

Opinions Matter

Not a kind, caring compassionate person. Probably doesnt care for animal or human life by the sounds of it. Hope nothing horrible happens to you anytime soon Jim…..


Quicker with a air rifle and cheaper, seeing cat was 15 years old anyway


Evil person! They can live well into their twenties. That cat means a lot to some people,can you say the same!

Last edited 1 month ago by Smithy
It’s a hard life

I bet your a hard lad.we all know.


Maybe that’ll happen to you when you are 15 years old?

Spinal tap

Same could be said about you.

Opinions Matter

With a comment like you have posted Nwo, you are what is wrong with people these days. No compassion, uncaring, unkind vile excuse for a human being. You need one, right between the eyes yourself.

Sue Clark

Bless you lovely firemen and the people below with blankets. So good to read a happy story instead of the gloom!


Being an ex Firefighter my most satisfying job was always animal rescues, but they never seemed to hang around to say thank you .


Glad to see some of the nasty comments have been removed. Thank you.

Spinal tap

A good old fashioned fireman rescues cat story with a happy ending ..


Hugh Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble Gruff…..Lol…

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