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A car has careered off the road and come to rest in a hedge between Shalfleet and Porchfield this morning (Sunday).

The white Renault Clio has crashed on Porchfield Road, close to the junction with Town Lane.

1 fire appliance from Newport was mobilised to the scene in the interests of safety at 09:00. However, no action has been required and firefighters have now stood down.

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Island Echo readers report that the vehicle was seen in situ at around 07:00 with no occupants present. It’s thought the incident happened at some point overnight into this morning.

Recovery is being arranged, according to Newport Blue Watch.

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Looks like another one of those jumping trees


It was a hedge …

Mad Benny

Another hard working ‘lad’ driving within the limits, suffering this mysterious magnetic pull to the verge?
Or some low life drunk/drugged speeding and avoiding the main roads home?

Old bean

Well said live your comment


Actually you couldn’t be more wrong!! I work this this lady who is a key worker and was a fault with the car nothing to do with her! So don’t just assume

Last edited 1 month ago by Wendy

Ooo look at me, I’m a key worker


The driver was a key worker trying to get to work…


Advert : ( Renault there’s a branch near you lol

Martin Shoebridge

No doubt the driver will be getting a visit…


Whom will be sleeping at a friends until sober, drug free, and then have some avoiding a Fox story, which will be accepted as no evidence.


The person in this car was on their way to work, so don’t just assume things. The car was at fault, not the poor driver. The driver is a key worker just trying to help people, not a drunk.


Actually you couldn’t be more wrong!! I work with the lady who is a key worker on her way to work and was a fault with the car nothing to do with her! So don’t just assume

Neil Down

How does highlighting the fact that she’s a key worker make a difference ??


Because of the early hours and a reason for being out at that time. Doesn’t take much to work it out.

Ed Down

I’m not sure anybody was questioning why this person was out. I certainly wasn’t. People can go out anytime of day they want it’s none of my business. Still binned it though.

Level Phil

Well this is marked improvement, with the driver on this occasion skilfully avoiding flipping the car onto it’s roof. Well done.

Benjamin Dyer

don’t be too hard on the driver probably dropped their phone


The driver isn’t as gullible as you believe. They were just trying to get to work.

Last edited 1 month ago by Meme

You couldn’t be more wrong! I work with the lady she is a key worker and was on her way to work, it was a fault with the car not her driving!! Don’t just assume

Ed Down

Im a key worker but what has that got to do with my driving standards?


It was a fault with the car, not driving standards.

Ed Down

Oh well In that case…….

I’m a key worker but what does that have to do with the condition of my car?

Neil Down

The fault with the car was the muppet behind the wheel

Ed Down

Are you a relative of mine?
Oh yeah, keep your car maintained kids


Strange that no assistance was sought


Actually, the car was at fault here, not the woman.

Last edited 1 month ago by Meme
Ed Down

Bad car!!!! Go sit in the corner, you are grounded


Funny how mechanical failures suddenly become an excuse for bad driving


Fault with car, ‘key worker’ whatever, read the highway code. If there is an accident on the road or car comes off the road. someone should have informed the police at the time, or emergency services to let them know what happened and if the person(s) involved are ok
The driver has fled the scene of an accident.. simples…


They could be a tree huger

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