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Photo: @CalshotRNLI / Twitter

Calshot RNLI’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat ‘Max Walls’ was tasked by HM Coastguard to a tender in difficulties at Newtown yesterday afternoon (Friday).

The tender, with 1 person on board, had been washed onto the foreshore in rough conditions at Newtown Creek.

Having attempted to row the tender from their yacht to the shore, the tender had been blown onto the foreshore and the person on board was unable to get back out to the yacht.

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After losing sight of the tender, the persons remaining on board the yacht alerted Solent Coastguard, who tasked Calshot RNLI to investment. At the time, Calshot’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat was out on a training exercise in Hamble so was able to respond immediately.

On arrival to the tender, Calshot RNLI’s volunteer crew were able to assess the casualty who had become cold from being waist deep in the water but was otherwise unharmed. The casualty was equipped with a lifejacket, but the conditions had meant they were unable to control the tender.

The Calshot crew were able to recover the casualty and the tender and return them both to the yacht. Once aboard the casualty was able to get into warm clothes and they continued on their journey to Lymington.

A spokesperson for Calshot RNLI has said:

“The conditions at the time of the incident were rough with strong winds at force 7, with gusts of force 8. If you are heading out onto the water it is important to check the weather conditions and make sure you plan your journey to fit in with the conditions.

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“You should always wear a lifejacket while out on the water and have a method to call for help if needed”.

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