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Around 50 supporters of Brexit gathered in Calverts Hotel in Newport on Wednesday (11th September) to discuss how best to approach the likely forthcoming General Election.

They were addressed by Brexit PPC Peter Wiltshire, who explained that he was a businessman, not a career politician and had only become involved in politics because he believes so passionately that the United Kingdom will have a better future outside the European Union. He also made it clear that he understands why people in the UK, including many Islanders, feel badly let down by career politicians, who all too often say one thing and do another.

Islanders attending were united in their belief that Theresa May’s Withdrawal Bill was a dreadful deal for the country, with Peter describing it as ‘a terrible treaty that we could never get out of’, and were horrified that Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely had voted for it 3 times. One lady exclaiming passionately ‘Not in my name!’. Peter pointed out that the Irish backstop, the most talked about part of the Withdrawal Deal, was just one shortcoming.  It would also not give back control of our borders, fisheries or the ability to strike trade deals with non-EU countries.

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Peter explained that one of the most difficult questions he has faced on the Island’s doorsteps was ‘Do you live here full-time?’. He explained that he and his wife Kate spend as much time in their Island home as possible, but they have school-age children in a mainland state boarding school and he travels for business all over the country, and often abroad.

Peter said:

“I’ve been coming to the Island for years and bought my home in Sandown before being selected as the Brexit Party candidate.  But I’m an honest person and can’t pretend I live here full time.  The response from one person in the audience was ‘At least you do own property on the Island – our MP doesn’t!’.  I’ve heard this from a number of people before and must say that if true, it’s astonishing that he owns property elsewhere, but not in his own constituency.  I’m writing to him to find out.

“This was an initial meeting of a few Islanders interested in helping with the Brexit Party campaign. More meetings will follow to develop our plans.  None of us know for sure whether we will be leaving the EU on October 31st, but the feeling last night was that if we do leave then it must be for real, and not a phony version of Leave with the EU still allowed to call the shots. To be honest I’d rather stay in the EU than leave under the terms of the deal that Mr Seely has supported at every opportunity.

“If any Islanders would like to be involved in the campaign they can e-mail me on [email protected].  We may not have the experience and organisation of the established political parties, but my God, we’ve got enthusiasm and a willingness to work for what we believe in.”

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After the general education politics will change for ever the labour party will face total wipe out and jeremy Corbyn will be forced out by force, UKip will face the same along with greens lib Dems will take votes from the smaller seats but not enough to power share, the lion share will go to Boris and Brexit party without Boris the tory Party will take a hard hit at the polls a hug parliament is on the cards its not just about freeing UK from the EU its about winning parliament back and giving it back to the people… Read more »

Doug Bailey

A question. I am a paid-up member, why didn’t I get a notification that this meeting was on???


You’re not a member – you’ve been swizzed. The Brexit Party Ltd. is just a scam company, not a political party, so here are no members. Brexit is just a gang of tax avoiding spivs conning the public to hide their real motives – transferring your money into their pockets.

Margaret Hodgson

Please tell me when the next meeting is held and how I can help. Thank you.


The points I make when asked why I joined Brexit are very simple, The economics of giving the EU £50 million a DAY and o we have Brexit Remoaners And the worse of all the media who love stirring things for no other reason than to sell papers and advertising space on their media copy,,I will make no comment on politicians but to say if I had done my job in such a shambolic way as them I would have been sacked without references


Half my message has got lost ??? not a remoaner moderating i hope


£250m/week returns an additional £1.6bn/week benefit by frictionless trade with our EU partners. Time to stop this Brexit nonsense and Revoke Article 50 so we can rebuild our country.

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