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UK Oil & Gas PLC has announced that it has filed a planning application with the Isle of Wight Council for the appraisal drilling and flow testing of the Arreton oil discovery.

The Application details the planned construction, operation and eventual decommissioning of a well site for the appraisal of hydrocarbons via a deviated borehole, plus a possible horizontal sidetrack off the ‘mother’ borehole – all to be undertaken within a temporary period of 3 years.

UKOG says it has spent considerable time and undertaken much research to minimise the potential noise and visual impact of the site, which will be largely screened from public view. The Company has chosen a site adjacent to land which already supports non-agricultural commercial uses. The land immediately to the east supports the Wight Farm Anaerobic Digestion Energy Power Station and to the west supports the Blackwater Quarry and ancillary operations connected to the working of aggregates.

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The oil discovery site will be situated off of Blackwater Road under St George’s Down.

As reported in the Company’s July 2018 AIM admission document, the Arreton conventional oil discovery, a geological analogue of the Company’s Horse Hill oil field (UKOG net 85.635%), contains three stacked Jurassic oil pools containing a third party (Xodus) calculated aggregate gross P50 oil in place of

It is thought that some 127 million barrels of oil are contained within 3 stacked Jurassic oil pools.

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Chief Executive, commented:

“Whilst UKOG’s primary focus will remain on maintaining continued long-term stable and profitable oil production at Horse Hill, our efforts will also continue with those actions necessary to ensure  that both the Arreton oil and Loxley gas appraisal projects move forwards as swiftly as the current UK situation permits.”

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When this virus thing has disappeared, we’re going to need as many jobs as possible over here. Yes it will impact the environment, but needs must I’m afraid.


Is this shale gas extraction? Why mention that the land to the East and West is non agricultural, is it likely to be contaminated?

Tony S

All oil sites are bunded, lined with impermeable self healing liners ( which will be in the details of the planning application) sites are temporary and there are detailed restoration plans and funds for the eventual restoration.

The full details will be in the planning application

David Copland

No risk whatsoever of contamination. The point is that it is situating the site between two non-agricultural sites. The impact of the UKOG site will be far less intrusive than these sites.This not shale gas extraction. No fracking has ever been done by this company and there is no future intention to do so! With the way the world is, we need any UK produced oil we can get!

Dicky Daniels

Go to Alberta in Canada, a state far larger than UK. The fracking there has caused lots of problems, even effecting the water table. Our small Islands water supply is not replaceable, if damaged. Roads in East Cowes will be even busier, once the oil tankers go through on way to ferry port.

Tony S

It not fracking and the uk has tight regulation by the EA, OGA, HSE & Planning


Oh dear there will NO FRACKING .. 1. The planning permission is for conventional drilling and extraction 2. Ukog have confirmed that there will be no need to frack as the drill is analogous to their Horsehill conventional drill 3. The Government (OGA ) do not allow fracking at these shallow depths.,,, jeez keep up ?
So let’s be straightforward you don’t use gas on IOW? Or any plastics or electricity generated from wind farms the blades made from oil? Or is it your a NIMBY and prefer to ship oil from half way around the World?

William Dunnet

We could start logging in Parkhurst Forrest, capture the Red squirrels and sell them to Zoos too. How about spraying the garlic fields with Brawndo, It’s Got Electrolytes. It’s What Plants Crave! Where will this Idiocracy stop?

Richard Kenward

Thanks,William it brings it into perspective…short term greed again!

Sylvia May

The full planning application has not yet been submitted to the council. This notification is for the landowners and tenants adjacent to the site and gives notice that a planning application is due to be submitted within the next 3 weeks. Please subscribe to to received factual and updated information by email and follow us on facebook.

Phil Stat
Merry Foster

We will certainly need to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic but our agricultural businesses produce more vital goods needed by Islanders and all Britain. Agriculture employs more people than oil extraction does as well. The financial aspect of oil production is also of dubious value. Britain will never produce oil and gas in the quantities that they now do in the Middle East and Russia, places which are now indulging in a price war so heated that the spot price for North Sea Oil is down to £28 a barrel, which has caused a number of American… Read more »

Mike Lynch

UKOG costs to produce a barrel of oil at Horse Hill is $19. This will reduce as the wells produce more.

Joe Blogs

Hope they find some oil this time. The country needs it.


Green island…yeh!


Fracking Hell! Why would this be a good thing? They will turn up, take all the oil, create sinkholes and pollute the environment and then frack off! Unless they give us all a percentage why would anyone accept this?

Richard collins

Talk about taking advantage of a situation.


Oil is finished as a fuel now. Why ruin good growing land and a tourist area by trying to extract dirty oil.

The Island needs all the help it can now, and as food runs out, we need to increase food and dairy herds, the UN needs to learn to feed itself again, not produce oil of which is less and less needed now.

Phil Stat

I hope the Isle of Wight council is aware that biosphere status is reviewed by UNESCO. Not something to take lightly.


UKOG is the share ticker and the company share price is dropping, as it has little revenue and keeps issuing more and more shares to pay for production on other sites it owns. As more shares are issued then the price of those in circulation falls. So as oil prices plunge, and less oil is needed now, it may not be worth while extracting such here. They do not NEED to frack as they extract from the naturally fractured Kimmeridge clay layers, which earlier oil searchers missed by drilling deeper and expecting to find a pool of oil, this UKOG… Read more »


Oh Greta where are you when we need you. Please come give us your pearls of wisdom. Oh I miss your nasally voice stating the bleedin obvious but not giving an viable solutions. You are the enlightened guiness of our times, at least to other children with children’s minds and handful of wishy washy people with conditions, you know which conditions.

Paul Morgan

Surely the council won’t approve this.

none given

This is not fracking – conventional drilling….

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