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A total of 1,074 Islanders were taught vital lifesaving skills during this year’s World Restart a Heart Day (RSHD) on Tuesday.

14 Tutors, 12 Volunteer Community First Responders (CFR’s), 17 Fire Service staff and 3 Isle of Wight NHS Trust support staff delivered yet another successful RSHD to the Isle of Wight Community.

Louise Walker, Head of the Ambulance Training and Community Response Services has said:

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“I am enormously grateful to all the Tutors and CFR’s who helped to deliver the training sessions, the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service for accommodating the Tutors and all those who supported us to make this event such an amazing success. It really would not have been possible if it wasn’t for everyone working together.

“The enthusiasm of the school staff and children who participated was wonderful and the public engagement really was quite humbling to see”.

There are a few more fully booked CPR training sessions to deliver this week and these learner numbers will also be added to final 2018 RSHD figure.

Louise has added:

“In the event of a cardiac arrest, every second really does count, that’s why it is absolutely vital that the community know how to recognise cardiac arrest, phone for an ambulance and if possible start CPR.

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“Thank you so much once again, to all those involved in this year’s RSHD”.

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