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Action on Hearing Loss, a leading Island charity which supports local people with sensory loss, has launched a new ‘drive-through’ service for hearing aid maintenance at their Newport offices.

The service is designed to provide a safe, COVID free environment in which Islanders can go along with their hearing aids and have them cleaned, serviced and re-tubed without having to come into physical contact with staff.

Due to the pandemic, Action on Hearing Loss has had to temporarily suspend its very popular face-to-face hearing aid maintenance service which it has ran in community settings around the Island.

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Sensory Service Manager Mark O’Sullivan said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Islanders who need basic maintenance carried out on their hearing aids to have it done in the comfort of their own vehicles. The beauty of this service is that clients do not have to come into direct contact with any staff.

“The service has been rigorously risk assessed and staff wear full PPE at all times. Clients who have already used the service during its pilot phase reported on how safe they felt.”

The service runs every Wednesday and Thursday and is appointment only. To book ring 07918 740936 or email [email protected].

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Arthur Sausage

Great idea.
Well done.

Danny Gaul

Surely all is needed is a toothpick to remove ear wax etc in the deaf aid?


Glad to see this forward thinking.

St Mary’s Audiology Department also have a drop box outside the Department for it’s patients, and are running a postal repair service.

Some people who use hearing aids have dexterity and sight issues so require help. They can be tricky little things to maintain.


Don’t call it a “deaf aid”, please. It is a hearing aid. Not a difficult term to master and doesn’t have the same moue of disgust implied in it.

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