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3 more cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight, according to the latest data from Public Health England.

A total of 509 cases of the potentially deadly virus have now been identified on the Island since the start of the pandemic earlier this year.

The latest 2 cases were confirmed on 9th October, with 8 cases confirmed the day before. Further cases are expected when today’s data is released.

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So far this month 32 cases of COVID-19 have been listed on the Isle of Wight – a stark contrast to the 10 cases confirmed in the whole of August.

Despite the rise in cases, there have been no Island deaths from COVID-19 in over 6 weeks.

As previously reported by Island Echo, the Isle of Wight is considered one of the safest places in the country and has escaped tougher restrictions being enforced elsewhere.

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We’d probably be even better if we stopped people coming over


Including all the delivery drivers etc. Because the island can support itself………Nah! Mind you stupidly is certainly in abundance here.


We can’t do that obviously, but we shouldn’t have to mix with them inside passenger lounges. Even people going to and from the island for Covid tests, after displaying symptoms are not allowed to stay in their vehicle, putting us all at risk.
Ferry companies seem to just be concerned with the revenue from the on board café..


the ferry companies do not want to do more like checking on Temperature of anyone who now catches them but their reply is :-
” As a public transport provider it is not currently a requirement that we temperature check everyone onboard on our ships.  There are also issues with regard to safety as a temperature check system would need to be policed which would put both our customers and employees at greater risk if regulations are not adhered to.
It was also cause long delays in testing people which would ultimately cause delays to the schedule. “
What a cop-out!!. 


What a load of boll***s


Xenophobia rules eh, nothing new to this rather sad island. COVID-19 is a virus, it is contagious. The rule of six means you can go out in a max. group of six, into pubs or restaurants with all the other groups of six…..please now read the first part again! Why are you guys tearing each other apart and not questioning these ridiculous rules.

Lady Dunstanding

This ‘rather sad island’ I assume welcomed you at some point in time. Nobody properly Vectis could spell xena… zennaphob…. senna(ooh, er) phobia…? Well, what you put. Be grateful to be here and stop whining if we do about those bringing the old Covids with ’em. Because they are. You can bet your life – joke- if this virus started on Wight no bugger would be allowed off it for ten years!

Duncan Disorderly

Mix with ‘them’. Do you not realise how prejudiced that sounds.

Party of ten .

You do realise the Island is part of the UK right?

Black rat

Does this include the students that have gone to uni on the mainland and not updated their details with a GP in the area they are staying as this would be reported as an island infection on the stats which then would give a false reading here.


It includes students who have left the island but most are still registered at their home address on the island.

Black rat

Thats what i am getting at, the stats they give here could well be the person testing positive on the mainland but not registering there making it still a tick in the box as an island infection which is false if they are elsewhere in the country, this is probably happening all over the country at present.


Mind you tho if we all did as we are told then maybe just maybe our cases may be a lot lower


So??? Age range? Health status? Where? We’re they a group? Related? Working together? Travelled on the same ferry? In the same bubble? Underlying health issues? Working, retired. Is there any more information on top of a meaningless number?


What do you want, Their Name Address and telephone numbers ??????


Very fair questions. Who has this information? Is it top secret? Are the cases in care homes, the hospital, the prison and students away at university? If you were told you might not be scared and that is the whole point, you are supposed to be scared,

Karn Evil 9

Maybe don’t broadcast the we are the safest place too loudly, we all know what will happen….


I don’t believe any of it. This Island one of the safe places. What with people I have seen spitting in people’s hedges, or on the ground. Wearing masks as chin straps, not covering their noses too. Not keeping space, then having a go at me for wearing a mask. It really gets on my nerves that there are people who are on this island are just so ignorant and will not listen but carry on as they want too.


I think you are referring to the chav culture, no point trying to educate pork, there too busy breeding and taking drugs…


Can’t really blame all on the young people, I have experienced the elderly behave in a manner that has shocked me. It’s everyone not taking responsibility for themselves.


The answer is herd immunity otherwise this will drag on and on. We are going to have another
lockdown over half term,stats will drop then it starts all over again. Bring it to a head
until an antidote if ever is found we are in a circle. Break it now.


I take it your under 70 and have no underlying health problems then.


Agree! It’s in the system, & it won’t go away, regardless of how many lock downs etc we have.


If the Island has no cases how will we achieve herd immunity here? Will the mainland be clear of restrictions and the elderly here have to shield for ever?

Ed Down

How does herd immunity work when it’s been proven you can get it more than once?


And when covid is done what next? Stop all cancer treatment so we have less people with cancer? Your solution demands the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. 43000 deaths in the uk, 655000 infected. 66,000,000 live in the uk. That would mean around 4,000,000 would need to die so you can go to the pub. Nice one ron…..


If nothing else the government should have financially supported coach companies not to operate during this pandemic.
Understandably most coach holidays are booked by retired people and they are specifically the people that should limit movement around the country. Not only could they possibly be bringing the virus here but could catch it here and take it back to their home town.
Complete and utter madness.


It’s a pity that we cannot do like the Wales government has now done check where people come from and stop them entering. This could save many lives.

Bing Bong


David Nelson

Agree with you
Shame we’ve become a dumping ground for the mainland so will never have a say in who comes over

Wouldn’t be allowed in Jersey


Also not true, Jersey is open as I’ve just returned from there.


Not true! The Welsh are locked down in certain areas BUT outsiders can book a B&B in these areas…..make perfect sense eh!


Three more cases reported today ! Now at 512.



Karn Evil 9

OK now is the time to STOP people coming over here for a jolly. If the whole of Wales can do it, and Scotland are locking down, why the hell can’t the Island. About time that damn tourist board and Seely and Pugwash should make an announcement. They tell us to be careful but what’s the point if everyone is allowed to flock here.


Take it you don’t work in the tourist side of island


Soon be half term


Unknown why at the Island ferry ports and mainland Island ferry ports can they not do a temperature check on EVERYONE getting on and off the ferry ?? OR just stop non permanent residents from coming over… but still check every person travelling. Not such a difficult task is it ?


I would like to say, Just because you are wearing a mask, does not mean you can stride up beside someone else. I was in ASDA the other day, had my mask on, was looking at the sliced meats section, and some chap, wearing a mask, walked straight in front of me, brushing against me, and grabbed a pack of meat slices and walked off… I have found this happens in many shops….


None of the children on a school bus to Christ the Kings Collage this morning were wearing masks.


Great! Broadcast the fact that we’re low in numbers for the virus so everyone will pour over on the school holiday! Clever right?! NOT! How stupid can you get? I think we should sack our councillors for leading us all to the slaughter!
Again, another missed opportunity to quarantine ourselves while we can…
Can’t believe it…

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