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3 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on the Isle of Wight, bringing the monthly running total to 16 so far.

The latest official figures show that 1 new case was listed on 9th September and again on 10th September, followed by another 2 on 11th September and 1 on 13th September.

Public Health England says that since the start of the pandemic there have been 449 confirmed cases on the Island.

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It’s clear from the data and graphs provided that there has been a sudden surge in cases, which falls around 2 weeks after children started to return to school.

The graph below shows how July saw just 2 cases at the start of the month with another 2 recorded at the end of the month. A further 10 cases were recorded between 1st-31st August but September has already seen nearly double that number in 16 days.

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Karn Evil 9

As predicted, thank you visitors.


Unfortunately things had to get back to near normal or most of our island businesses would not have survived.

John Gullible

We have increased social interaction (spreading virus) on so many levels that visitors are not the only cause.

Families have met back up, cafes bars and pubs have opened, work meeting have happened, schools have returned with no distancing.

There’s a lot to it and blaming one group won’t help anyone. This is a complex situation which requires extensive change to how we function as a society.

Divided we fall, United we stand.


Why visitors? How do you know that the increase in cases isn’t down to Islanders going to the mainland, contracting the virus and bringing it back here. Answer? You dont know, so stop posting rubbish.

Islander too

Who will we blame when the visitors aren’t here. The birds? The fish?
We’re all masters of our own destiny.
Unfortunately it’s a human frailty to blame everyone else but ourselves.


Jon Snow

3 more cases of the flu you mean. Wake up people this is all about control!!!!

John Gullible

Please show me your data which shows this is the same as the flu.

It’s not a flu virus, it’s from.the same family as cold virus except it is much more deadly.

If this virus has a 1% death rate we will see over 600,000 dead in the UK. There is on average 10,000 deaths per year from flu. That means 60 years worth of flu deaths facing us over next few months/years.

Get a grip. Stop believing all the conspiracies or at least research them yourself. I hope the death rate drops much lower to near the flu, 0.1%.

Lady Longdown

I’m with you, Snowman! People morbidly obese, twelve months (or less) away from death because of serious conditions, or people with undiagnosed health issues die when they get a coronavirus…! Wow, stop the press. That said, only reason visitors to Wight are here is because the Council has actively promoted us as being a low risk area. Vulnerable biddies heaven! Bring in the coaches….

Last edited 2 days ago by Lady Longdown
Mr justice

Work that fear baby work that fear! Nearly ready for the cattle lockdown!


I know you think a second full lockdown is inevitable but IMO it isn’t. The economy is in recession, Brexit is a mess and the costs associated with supporting lockdown are horrendous e.g. extending furlough. The Government don’t want it because they know they can’t afford it so instead are thinking up other ways to partially slow any new spike such as the recent rule of six.

Mr justice

I like how you try to make the nonsense about this 6 rule seem as though it will help,and the government ( liars) are doing everything they can. I commend your loyalty to the government, but even people that have followed and done all that they have been told, can now start to see most of this is bs. Making a mountain out of a mole hill!


I didn’t say the rule of six will work or that I am a Gov loyalist (I’m not btw) just highlighting as an example that they are coming up with anything to avoid a second total lockdown, contrary to what you have convinced yourself will happen.


Ow no the seasonal colds and flus are back were all going to die please hurry up and lock us up like good sheep


Blob, as usual your comment is both unhelpful and undermining anyone who dares have an alternate view. Try and think outside of Covid-19 ‘deaths’ and consider other impacts such as increasing numbers of unwell people taking up already stretched hospital capacity and resources.


Not just the visitors fault I think some blame has to go to our wonderful bob seeley who thought of finance more than the public’s health

Bing Bong

Still voting Tory

John Gullible

You can’t fix stupid.

Bing Bong

I only do it to make people like you angry…

John Gullible

Your assuming you made me angry, you actually made me chuckle, thank you.

May I suggest you use your efforts elsewhere as your ‘mission’ failed.

Bing Bong

Yet you bothered to reply. Lets see how much you ‘chuckle’ in the next GE Tory landslide.
Still much much better than Starmer in power.

Last edited 6 days ago by Bing Bong
John Gullible

I think politics is part of the problem here Bing Bong. This is a worldwide health issue and should not be politicised.

All I care about is trying to save lives and help people through this time, both in professional life and personal.

Vote for whoever you wish – focus more on the health issue at hand and leave the politics aside.

Challenge ignorance.

Bing Bong

Claiming this isn’t political?
How wrong you are.

Old bean

Very well said


It’s no one’s fault, if everyone done as they should during the lockdown then there would have been far better results. But no, people wanted to paint, people wanted to buy things do do up their house etc. Now we will pay the price for the stupidity of the people of this country.


Our lives cannot be on hold forever. We had a huge influx of visitors recently and it’s no surprise rates have gone up as a lot of them don’t follow guidelines.
We can all get on with things but must be cautious still.
The economy needs to restart or Covid will be the least of our problems.

Last edited 6 days ago by Smithy

So what exactly did you want people to do during lockdown? Sit in a chair all day and not move? Not buy food? Never exercise? Just live in a prison? What exactly?


How many cases are mainlanders using our test facilities as that is happening as it’s closer to come on a ferry then drive great distances . As they can’t get them closer where they live. This is happening.


Absolutely – it’s essential we know how many people are traveling in either direction on the ferries to get tests so that the vulnerable can make a sensible assessment of the risk of ferry travel. As anyone with any risk assessment experience and mathematical ability knows ferry travel was always one of the most Covid risky things an Islander could do. But now with the grossly irresponsible actions of the failed Covid testing site guidance, ferry travel could well be unacceptably dangerous. Our council and our MP must get a grip of what the facts are and publicise these facts.


Are these just lslanders or has been said before tourists get recorded in their own area. If so, there’s probably been a lot more cases on the lsland.

Bus user

I suppose it’s not surprising really. The buses are far more busy now, getting quite crowded on some. And on just a local route the other day there were at least seven people not wearing masks and one man who was, was wearing it around his chin, another woman wearing hers under her nose.   What gets me the most is that the ones more likely to spread it around by their behaviour are often the very ones who can get out of wearing one anyway by claiming they are exempt. Any druggie or alkie can claim their addiction is… Read more »

Karn Evil 9

I agree completely, make masks a legal requirement as soon as you step outside of your property, and NO exemptions. Simple. I’m sick and tired of people just saying “I dont want to wear one” or “I don’t believe in it” Just wear a mask. It’s not that bad. It’s just plain ignorant to not put on a mask and put others around you at risk. Yes Bob Seely and the tourist board and Council should all be made accountable for this fiasco, putting cash before Islanders lives.


I agree with you. Whenever has Seely or anyone on the Council during this pandemic actually fronted up to the Island population on a regular basis and role-modelled the basic health measures. Some element of leading by example seems common sense.

The oracle

For goodness sake wake up. This was all planned in the trial run in 2016. Even the news coverage and photos of rows of people on mechanical ventilators was probably from the trial simulation. You probably have more chance of being infected by Lymes disease from a tick bite than from covid. This fear is what the New World order wants.

H cotter

Grow up ! You are going to believe it when you get sick.

Christopher Davis

What absolute nonsense, grow up take responsibility and stop hiding behind a made up name


“Lyme” no s. Rigorous research there pal.


you can wear your state sponsored muzzle all day long if you like karn, but I have no intention of. The respiratory system you have is designed to make you cough and sneeze to expel viruses and other bacteria etc that your system identifies as hazardous to you. Wearing a mask just means you are breathing back in, everything your system expelled from you.   masks should not even be worn at all. We as people were not designed to have our noses and mouths covered – it also reduces the amount of oxygen in your system, with some face… Read more »


I have seen many taxi drivers with passengers (many who are elderly) sat right next to them in front of the car. Neither of them wearing masks??

Christopher Davis

Take there taxi license away they are a danger to everybody


Wait till you infect your elderly loved ones and maybe you won’t be so selfish in your thinking


perhaps elderly loved ones can stay in doors away from you and then there won’t be a problem will there.

The oracle

More people die of sepsis than of covid. Do we ban gardening.? For goodness sake.!!! Everyone is paranoid about this insignificant risk. Ok, a few loved ones may die but a lot more loved ones die of other risks.


You have just destroyed your own argument. Sepsis is an acute reaction to infection often acquired in heath care environments. If you allow people to be hospitalised through a Covid-19 infection (and not necessarily die from it) you are increasing their chances of getting sepsis – which invariably will kill them. I would have thought anyone naming themselves an oracle would know that.

The Oracle

Wrong again. Sepsis has been a bigger killer over the years, long before this supposed covid thing appeared. Wake up.

Christopher Davis

Get your facts right ,an insignificant risk, you need to speak to the families who have lost family members. Open your eyes and ears and stop hiding behind a made up name have the courage of your own conviction and use your own name

The Oracle

Oh dear. Pram and toys spring to mind.!!

The Oracle

Ok. My real name is John Smith. Satisfied now.? Stick to the topic will you.!!


well said the oracle – too many tin foil hat, snowflake panic brigade around.
1500 die a week smoking related diseases – smoking isn’t banned, the sale of tobacco hasn’t been stopped and non smokers haven’t been told to stay indoors just in case they get something.

John Gullible

That’s an apple and oranges comparison but I’m willing to work with it on you. 1. It’s not 1,500 smoking deaths per week but actually higher, 1,800+ so that’s not quite right (in your favour!) 2. If the death rate for Covid is 0.5% – 1% and we had let it rip round the UK uncontrolled that would be 300,000 – 600,000 deaths in a year likely. 5,700+ – 11,400 deaths per as you’d prefer to put it. The Covid death number is higher than the smoking one as you can see. You could compare to Flu but it’s death… Read more »

Last edited 5 days ago by John Gullible
Mr justice

Echo, you ask people to join the debate,I do, I dont break any rules, yet still you hold back my posts?


There again maybe you do.

Mr justice

Oh but of course,state facts and expose lies, yeah I can see where your coming from.


This is IE’s site. They can do what they like. IMO if you don’t like the lack of control stop posting, set up your own blog and go National with it.

Mrs brown

No freedom of speech then!

John Gullible

I’m not seeing many ‘facts’ come from you lately Mr Justice but I’m willing to be proved wrong.

Mr justice

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! We can debate forever, let’s just wait ( not long) and see. And I will be the first to say, yes I was wrong, and I hope I am. Time will show the truth! But if I’m right, I will cry for all our children, but then will laugh at the thought of the people that called us conspiracy people.

John Gullible

No worries Mr Justice. I think lots of these conspiracies come from human fear and needing to have an alternate story. I totally understand that you would be scared about what is happening.

Look to Europe now and in Spain, deaths nearly doubled in a single 24hrs, look at France. The numbers don’t lie.

Here in the UK our test track and trace is not functioning well, just watch Dido Harding in the committee meeting.

Mr justice

I’ve only one fear,being right!!

Martin smith

Your wrong very wrong and have no idea what you are talking about mr justice. Scare monger doom and gloom conspiracy people

mr justice

I really hope your right!


Why is questioning a lie always a conspiracy

Mr justice

Because if people can’t answer it,or understand it, they destroy or disregard it!

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