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Ssdt 2022 George[12982]Motorcycle trial riders Chris Stay from Newport, George Gosden from Sandown, and Josh Stephens from St Helens recently completed the Scottish 6-day trial on their 1st attempt.

The trial is held in the Highlands around Fort William and is regarded as 1 of the toughest tests of man and machine in the world.

The international 6-day event has been running for over 100 years and this year saw 290 riders from around the world set off from Fort William. On each of the 6 days, riders travelled over 100 miles within a given time, mainly off road, through the mountains and moors, with 30 special tests or sections to negotiate each day where they can lose points.

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On the 1st day, all 3 Island riders lost marks on time for being too slow, not realising how difficult it is to get inside the time allowed. However, after that, they upped the pace each day and never lost any further time points. By Thursday, most riders really start to suffer fatigue, but all 3 island riders showed just how fit they are as they got better as the week went by.

Chris had his best ride on the final day, good enough to put him in the top 10 riders. All 3 riders received their prestigious finishers’ certificates and 1st class awards, something that many riders try for years and never achieve.

With only 290 riders allowed and about 600 trying to get in each year, you need to be lucky or part of a team to gain entry, but having had a taste of the Scottish as it’s known, all 3 Island trialists are determined to return next year.

Ssdt 2022[12985]

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