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Firefighters are currently tackling a fire which has broke out at the derelict Harcourt Sands holiday park in Ryde this evening (Tuesday).

2 appliances are on scene off Puckpool Hill after members of the public alerted the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service to the situation at just gone 19:30.

Those nearby say they heard a group of people, possibly youngsters, in the vicinity of the park shortly before the incident unfolded.

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Fire crews are regularly called to the derelict site which overlooks the seafront between Appley and Puckpool.

UPDATE – It has been confirmed that a chalet, measuring approximately 4m x 6m, was found ablaze.

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Old bean

Parents do you know where you little shits are or don’t you care

New Ideas

Groundhog day

Perry Hill

Why aren’t the owners made to either fence this site off securely OR pull down all building if they are going to develop, aka, ruin this site anyway.   Once a pile of rubble the attraction to vandalise and cause arson will be lost for the mindless rubbish parents now drag up, who, so long as they are out of their lives, seem to care little for what they are up to.   All that will happen if caught will be some stern faced fire chief or Policeman, telling them how dangerous it could be, the low lives will think… Read more »

Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing

Hard to tell from the photographs which buildings were on fire… However, I remember when the newer ‘posh’ two-storey chalets were opened. Seems like yesterday that my father and I watched the great and the good from the Council quaffing Champagne with the then owners. It was thirty years ago…! Strange when derelict buildings catch fire, due to ‘young people’, which developers and our noble Council want to turn into second and third homes. Usually the sites concerned are much loved, and viable going concerns. Ventnor Pier, The Coconut Grove, Ryde’s beautiful, world famous Theatre Royal…. (Dearest Granny sang there… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Lady Longdown Dunne-Standing
Inbred iowter

I worked there in the early 80s for 2 years on maintainable staff when it was Warner at Claire’s and next door was puckpool also Warner’s but the writing was on the wall even then both were hi di hi camps and then came Mr Laker and cheap package holidays in exotic climes spend a week in Spain cheaper than a week in island camps Woodside and little Canada numbers declined forcing closure renamed at Claire’s to n Harcourt and built new chalets long after my time there but still mainland camps got bigger water parks etc and the island… Read more »


It’s where when I was a teenager I used to work there in the summer holidays we all did back then….I can remember all the places I have just mentioned lol


There were children smashing stuff in there around 6pm on the 7th. I tried to call the police on 101 but was met with several minutes of recorded messages and menus. The final message said that to report criminal damage to go to the website and report it there. Maybe if they answered their phones this would have been prevented.

Martin Shoebridge

witnessing criminal damage warrants a 999 call so the police have the opportunity to catch them in the act. Mind you, that doesn’t stop them from saying ‘we’re too busy’, all our cars are attending a single car RTA…..


I did think that, but after being given the run around gave up. I consider 999 for emergencies, when something serious is going on. Kids smashing glass at a demolition site not really an emergency. But in future I will. 101 is of no use now.


I do believe several things have been put forward over the years as to what owners would like to build but once again the nimbys say no.if you keep saying no to everything this will keep happening.

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