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A 16-year-old boy has been arrested after Police responded to reports of a burglary in progress at Ashey Road Garage in Ryde this morning (Monday).

Officers were called at 06:56 after a report was received that a burglary was happening at Ashey Road Garage on the outskirts of Ryde.

Damage has been caused to a window and a number of vehicles.

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A 16-year-old boy from Ryde has been arrested on suspicion of burglary. He remains in custody at this time and enquiries are ongoing.

Scenes of crime forensic investigations have attended the scene to gather any evidence.

UPDATE TUESDAY – A 16-year-old has been charged with a total of 8 offences. Read more at

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Miss Angry

Yet another scum bag, who’ll get let off and can’t be named because of his age

John Smith

Even the current generation of burglars are too lazy to get out of bed. Fancy trying to break in to a place at 7am! hopefully he will now realise that this form of career is not for him.


Chop his hands off!!!

Old bean

Horrible little scum and his parents thought he was where or don’t there care ??


mother, undoubtedly no father probably doesn’t even know who he is


What dragged it up, no education, no morrels, no basic respect, and could be a problem for the future of his sad little life.

Guess who’s going to pay???

Steven Willet

Needs putting down. As half of the third world fills our jails, now our own born and bred low life, KNOW they will not be jailed unless for the the most serious crime, and then not for long.
We need to end the former, to ‘cure’ the latter.


Get facts right,our jail’s are not full of the 3rd world ,they are far more law abiding than those from UK and Eastern Europe.


If you want to lecture people about their morals, at least spell the word correctly.

Captain Hindsight

Hey, go easy on the guy. He’s just flexing his mussels.


Your clearly a supoter of this trash when all you can do is mention my spelling! Hope you have no kids…

Tony tollbridge

What lecture?

Terry Taylor

Moral.Not morrel .

Terry Taylor

No education?

Terry Taylor


Terry Taylor

My kids can speak and spell correctly.

Island escapee

On the run from Manchester. Scum bag needs dealing with

Opinions Matter

Really, Manchester??? If this is true what you’re saying, why can’t this useless Council we have see what these low life bring to the island………..nothing but trouble!!!!!


I remember people going to hastings as a child,it was apparently a nice seaside town ,then the local council done the same as our council is doing and they got paid for every asbo family.. 10-15 years later it’s the dumps, full of alcoholics, trouble ,car theft and homeless.. this island will be the same

Opinions Matter

No, not Manchester, he’s comes from a foreign country!!!!!!

Bob Miller

What a vile little RYDE RAT !

Opinions Matter

Little scumbag. No respect. What are these kids being born from? Parents need to teach their children respect and manners. What type of people are his parents????


mother, undoubtedly no father probably doesn’t know who is is and the kid is also, nicely put illegitimate


Desperate people do desperate things so get used to it as it will happen a hell of a lot more in the coming years! The osterity this country will face is biblical so beware!

Suzie G

Just to let everyone know he has not gone to prison, but has been seen walking along with a great big smile on his face. What does it take to get rid of this scum?

I Believe

If you know who he is then let it be known, there will be somebody out there who’ll be only too pleased to wipe that smile off of his face.

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