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The Wightlink Warriors speedway team’s 2017 race jacket has been unveiled at Cobra’s Garage Mahal in Jupiter, Florida this week.

The new design is blue and yellow in colour and features the words ‘Warriors Speedway’ across the front, alongside sponsor’s logos.

Steve Luxton, who is also known as American Gladiator ‘Cobra’ said:

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“I could not believe it when Barry said he would like to unveil the 2017 race jacket design in the Falcons Nest at Cobra’s Garage Mahal with me.

“The jackets are really well designed and we love them, so I thought why not, it will be great to have Barry and Lisa come over to us.

“Here at Cobra’s Garage Mahal, we have been part of the Warriors since they returned speedway and we are very proud to be involved with the Warriors and what they are doing there is nothing short of a revolutionary. The club promotes a positive view of speedway all the time and I want Cobra’s Garage Mahal to be part of this.

“Luckily, I have two of the race jackets on order for the Mahal, but I cannot wait to see them in action for 2017.”

The Warriors’ Commercial Director, Barry Bishop said:

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“It’s absolutely great to be here with Cobra, to launch the 2017 race jackets. Cobra has been a big influence, sponsor and advisor to the club since we launched our intention to return speedway last year so to have him part of the launch, here in Cobra’s Garage Mahal and the Falcons Nest, was perfect.

“The race jacket plays an important part in speedway as they identify the team and, in my view, what the team stands for. Our jackets represent our club’s ethos of the club – fun, family and speedway.

“Ian Groves has done a fantastic job designing these jackets which send out the right Warrior’s message. The jackets are now part of our ethos and were made by Roy Miller from RMR Products as part of our sponsorship package and I would like to thank Andy Hague who coordinated everything during the process.

“Finally, it is a privilege to have Bryn Williams remembered on our jackets for 2017, meaning he will be with every rider at every meeting in 2017 – no more a fitting tribute could be possible.

“We hope Warrior fans will love the new jackets and Mini Warriors do not worry, we will have new race jackets for you too. With our team jackets released, it’s another step closer to the 2017 season we are all so desperate to start.”

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