Living in a democratic world means having the ability to choose without being limited or being forced to act in a certain world. However, there is one nice ‘but’ in democracy: not to live in chaos, people have invented rules and regulations to follow. This means that people are free to choose whatever they want if that ‘whatever’ does not harm any other member of the community. The government tries to create better-living conditions in all spheres of life: economy, education, health, social life, etc. There would always be people, who are displeased with some obligate activities.

In terms of protecting people from damaging the planet and themselves, the UK government tries to reckon people to give up smoking. Those people can try the best e-cigarettes in UK, special medicines or diets. Surely, that is not so easy. However, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. As in most other countries, there exist some common initiatives, for instance, prohibition on advertising tobacco-containing goods. That is what keeps it in the dark. It seems that it is not the smoke, it is tobacco that is harmful, but it not completely true. There is a saying that good for the liver may be bad for the spleen. So even when these are the best e-cigarettes in the UK, which contain no nicotine, it does not mean that they are completely safe for your health and for the planet.


  • Cigarettes and pipes are the most common way of smoking, they are a rather old, but reliable way of consuming tobacco. The best cigarettes might contain various filters, flavors, etc. Pipes are already a bit old fashioned, though, on the other side, they are considered to be an antiquarian stylish device.
  • E-cigarettes are new, stylish and fashionable devices of consuming tobacco and not only tobacco. The best electronic cigarette UK might have several modern constituents and might be used for liquid or mashed tobacco. Surely, if we are talking about the e-cig, the liquid is the most common filling, it also means that there exists a great variety of flavors, starting with mint and ending with tropical fruit.


  1. The government has realized the problem of second-hand smoking and its influence on society. There now exist the law that prohibits a driver to use any time of cigarette (even if it is the best e-cig UK) when there is a person under 18 in the car.
  2. The government actively propagates the use of medical and psychological support in quitting smoking. Stop smoking aids are seen as a great way of showing people life without addiction. There exist several prescription tablets, which could be used almost by everybody aged 18, but pregnant women and some other categories. The second point id NRT. A wide variety of tools for nicotine replacement therapy is available: skin patches, oral strips, chewing gum, nasal and mouth sprays, inhalers, etc. Electronic cigarettes have also been considered to be a good solution to take instead of cigarettes, however, not it is proved that they also cause damage. Therefore, they could be seen only as of the intermediate stage to giving up consuming nicotine.
  3. The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 were adopted. There are many restrictions on the manufacture of cigarettes If we go more in detail, there are plenty of rules for packaging, labeling, advertising, and tracking all kinds of tobacco and the related products. They include, for example, the rule that none of tobacco-related or containing products could be presented as being healthy for a person. You cannot add vitamins, or other additives, or stimulants that cause associations of pleasure, activity, energy, etc.
  4. Stoptober is a stop smoking campaign from Public Health England. That is one of the initiatives, which allow people to get acquainted and to download some materials, which encourage people to quit smoking. In a nutshell, Stoptober is aimed at helping UK citizens in changing their lifestyle to a healthier one, including quitting smoking. It is about getting smokers to realize that if they have a smoking habit, they are contributing to the very problem that they’re trying to do something about. If you are doing an intervention like this with your family, they will understand. In addition, so will their children.
  5. The government supports some private initiatives, which propagate giving up smoking under different slogans, ranging from ‘It’s not about you. It’s about the planet.’ (which is rather meaningful, because while smoking you cause problems not only for your personal health or other people’s health but for ecology as well) to ‘Safe your family – quit consuming nicotine!’ (which is reasonable as well, because second-hand smoking has terrifying effects on your relatives; nicotine makes you irritated and this causes difficulties in relations).
  6. In addition, today we have rather common practices of not selling off any tobacco product to under the age of 18, health warning on cigarette packs and in product packaging, including cigarette boxes, putting special labels prohibits in certain places, for example, on a car.

Maybe in the future, we would also receive such steps as a smoking ban, who knows? It would mean that electronic cigarettes, hookah, vaporizer or ‘hookah bong’ would be illegal to purchase or possess.

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If the UK takes an e-cig or a similar product into the market, there are some prohibitions. Why? One thing that concerns us is that if we get rid of the advertising on tobacco products, and we are talking about, for instance, e-cigarettes – and it is true – there are already things on them that do not actually come from tobacco, so it creates some kind of confusion as to what they are.

The UK is a high-income country, which means that many people can afford to buy the best e-cigarettes in the UK, or abroad. Does it mean that fewer people smoke the usual cigarettes and consume tobacco? Unfortunately, no. Therefore, we can say that big economic development of the country does not guarantee that people would choose a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason of the UK government to invite the nation to give up smoking. Maybe not for some years, but maybe for decades, I believe the government will succeed.

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