It looks set to be a rather wet Halloween this year but there are hopes that the rain will clear in time for plenty of Trick or Treating!

The pandemic put paid to traditional plans for many in 2020, but with life returning to normal, families will no doubt be eager to get back out this Halloween.

Island Echo has teamed up with local forecasters IW Met Service to bring you this year’s Halloween weather forecast. Unfortunately, it isn’t looking great…

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Spells of rather heavy and persistent rain are expected throughout the day on Sunday (31st October), however, it does seem likely that the heaviest rain will clear towards the end of the day with a few scattered heavy showers following in behind.

The latest data suggests that the evening will be a lot less unpleasant with the heaviest rain set to clear away around 15:00-16:00 – just in time for darkness to fall and the Trick or Treaters to come out! Temperatures will fall as the evening progresses with a moderate to fresh westerly wind.

For those eager to head out on Saturday too, the weather is looking very much the same as Halloween itself. It will be an unpleasant day on Saturday with the rain clearing away as day turns into night.

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