South Island 7s Cup winners Speranza 22


South Island SevensSperanza 22 beat Wild Dogs 21-20 in an exciting final to win the inaugural South Island 7s Cup at Watcombe Bottom in Ventnor yesterday (Saturday 21st May).

Speranza 22 were named after Argentinian rugby player Marco Speranza, who was tragically killed in and air crash on 8th February 2013 at age 20. The 22 in Speranza’s name comes from his squad number in his team, the Abu Dubai Harlequins.

Speranza 22 are a well-known name in 7s rugby, being the current champions of the Dubai and Bournemouth Rugby 7s. They do not have a manager or trainer.

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Captain Josh Hall says:

“We are just a bunch of mates from London, Leeds, and Wales. We play for different clubs such as Otley, Darlington, and Malton Park.


“It’s been a great tournament, It’s our first time on the Island, and we’d be very happy to come back again next year. The beaten finalists Wild Dogs were the hardest opponents we played in the tournament.”


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Winners of other South Island 7s competitions …

Red Funnel Trophy winners: Ryde School Under 11s; runners up: Gurnard Primary

South Island 7s Elite Women’s Trophy winners: The Lioness

The South Island 7s Bowl Final winners: The Apaches

South Island 7s Plate winners: Jamaica UK

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Jamaica UK: winners of the South Island 7s Plate

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