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The fishing boat alongside at Trinity Landing

A small fishing boat taking on water in the area of Osborne Bay has been towed to safety by Cowes RNLI lifeboat tonight (Thursday).

Just as the volunteer crew of Cowes Lifeboat were preparing to launch on exercise, Solent Coastguard requested they immediately diverted to reports of a vessel in difficulty near to Cowes.

Using VHF directional positioning equipment, the casualty vessel – with 2 persons on board – was successfully located between East Cowes and Wootton.

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With water being taken on board through a broken window, an anchor was dropped by the crew. The anchor started to drag and the boat drifted towards the main shipping channel. With the situation deteriorating immediate action was required.

Thanks to the lifeboat crew and the fisherman continuously bailing out the vessel, shallow water was soon reached. A tow was then established to take the boat around to the safety of Cowes Harbour.

Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team rendezvoused with the vessel at Trinity Landing, Cowes.

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