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An elderly driver has voluntarily surrendered their driving licence to Police after being stopped driving in an erratic manner in Newport earlier today (Friday).

Officers were alerted to reports of a vehicle being driven erratically in the vicinity of Trafalgar Road this morning, which led to enquiries being made about the driver’s ability to drive in a safe manner.

The Roads Policing team from the Joint Operations Unit (JOU) were requested at the scene and conducted an eyesight test at the roadside, which the male failed.

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Faced with the reality that he was no longer safe to drive, the driver decided it was time to hang up his keys and surrender his licence.

It was only yesterday that an 89-year-old man also surrendered his licence after colliding with 2 horses and a pedestrian in the West Wight.

An eyesight test was also carried out at the roadside on Fairlee Road this afternoon when concerns were raised about an elderly woman’s vision. After a change of glasses she was able to read a number plate at 20 metres – the legal requirement.

PC Green from the JOU on the Island has said:

“It is a requirement that a driver can read a number plate from 20 metres. Ultimately it is all about road safety and should you have any concerns about the eyesight of anyone you know please let me know and we can arrange to conduct a test if necessary as it’s certainly better to be safer than sorry”.

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Anyone concerned about someone’s driving can report this to Police on 101. In an emergency, dial 999.

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Should be re tested ..My partner driving and I encounter this bad driving daily! Too many too write .Today in fact an accident narrowly avoided by there hesitancy .pull out …stop…No lets pull out…No lets go forward into fast traffic …decides too then very slowly move across on a roundabout.
Slow judgment and being totally oblivious of other drivers is not so dangerous .Reversing, well one word…frightening.
Gov please give them more than an eye test .police agree

Bill Jones

Mobile phone drivers, generally under 50. Speeding drivers generally under 30. Mothers with children in the car generally under 30. Need I say more. You cannot generalise.

Geoff Hope

You ‘cannot generalise’ but just have. Yet quite accurately imo. Always exceptions of course, but the point is, they are just that, exceptions.

Opinions Matter

This gentleman has handed in his driving license Sarah so calm down. This means he will no longer be driving on the road. He failed the eyesight test and very responsibly realized his failing. Have some compassion for him, he has been driving a car for a very long time which he can no longer do now


When you reach 70 there should be an automatic re-test. When they are changing the regulations it might be an idea to also re-test women every five years the standard of their driving is deplorable.

Ed Down

Don’t beat yourself up

Steven Willet

The young seem to suffer the ability to see a junction, they often pull up so fast they stick out into the main road, in the vain hope that someone will take pity and waive them out for bad driving or poor eyesight. THINK again.
So not just the elderly who are a menace.


Retests for anyone called ron every year at a fee of at least £1000.
Funds secured to be used to pay off the covid debt.

Bing Bong

We wouldn’t have any “covid debt” if we didn’t shut the country down over little more than the flu


 little more than the flu”. Tell a loved one of one of the over 42,000 dead that. I’m sure they would disagree. Only 4699 died of flu last year. 1/10th of covid death.


Calm down Ron. I suppose you think you’re Lewis Hamilton do you?


Is there anyone who has lived here for a lifetime who has not witnessed a police officer driving in an erratic manner on the isle of wight?

isla wight

Not only car drivers, learner moped riders are appalling, they still think they’re on push bikes i think. If their c.b.t. trainers saw them on the road driving like twats they should be able to revoke it to teach them a lesson and re take it at twice the price, might sink in then.


Look at the idots that work for dominos


Most island drivers are dangerous drivers, and I mean! Most drivers, in particular those braindead idiots that drive these backfiring cars with drainpipe exusts.

Thay actually think they look cool, what a bunch of tossers. It’s time the police started to give them a hard time..


Agree. There white range rover going about that sounds…. well….sh*t.
It sounds like the exhaust system was left back in the garage.
Why they think it sounds great defeats me. It sound bloody horrible mate.

Bing Bong

If you don’t like the sound of it, try driving with earplugs in?


“Most Island drivers” are from the mainland, so often cannot understand the nuanances of roads on the Island. And it”s spelled ‘exhausts’.


And it’s spelled ‘nuances’.


Personally it I think it should just be a requirement that everyone when they hit a certain age should be the tested as a safety precaution, I really dont see an issue with that.

David Marshall

As an old driver myself I think every driver should be road tested as they get older, the present system is on fit for purpose. I am willing to be tested at any time

Me me

Good. People taking kids to school in the morning need to slow down terrible in the mornings

M. H

I used to work as road crossing officer for a school on one of the busiest roads on the island. Despite having high vis on and a MASSIVE stick with STOP all over it, almost got run over on a daily basis. More time than not insulted for my job and people actively zooming off whilst still in the road WITH Children! There’s good and bad drivers where ever you go but the consequences should be tougher.

Last edited 3 days ago by M. H

Punishments should be tougher…I agree. Too many stupid people in such a rush on the roads. Cutting corners, driving in the middle of the road….geez. If you can’t read simple instructions on the road then you are too dumb to drive! Is it so bloody hard just to be more organised so you don’t have to drive like a retard.


Two down 998 to go


Retake the theory test every ten years irrespective of age. This will mean eyes and reactions would be tested as well as an understanding of the recent changes in rules of the road.


Reading through these comments it is clear that poor driving occurs whatever the age or sex of the driver. but the piece refers to older drivers, and my view is that 70 is too young these days, but by the time people reach 80 it is likely they will need to be re-tested, and i mean tested, in a vehicle, not just a paper exercise. some older people can be very stubborn, when it is clear to their worried family that they ought to stop driving. but, some older folk still possess all their faculties and long may they continue… Read more »

Tony tollbridge

I cannot hand my licence in ,I have been driving for three years without one since failing my eye test


I think the punishments are too soft. If you are caught speeding, on your phone while driving which loads of prats do then you should just lose your licence, no discussion, no enquires and no second chances. Black and white approch is required then all the stupid muppets driving like they own the road will think twice before getting behind the wheel.

Last edited 2 days ago by Lol

presumably you have NEVER broken a speed limith then Lol ???
obviously if you have; occording to your own stated beliefs you should stop driving immediatly and forever!

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