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A man in his 80s has handed over his licence to Police after crashing into 2 horses in Freshwater earlier on today (Thursday).

Police and paramedics were called to Colwell Road, between Totland and Norton Green, at around 11:30 this morning.

The elderly driver was travelling along the main road when he was involved in a crash with a pedestrian and 2 horses.

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Whilst it is known the horses escaped any injury, the condition of the pedestrian is unknown. Paramedics from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service checked over the individual near to Hill Farm, however.

As a result of the incident, the 89-year-old has surrendered his driving licence.

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Black rat

Dealt with a similar incident years ago on the mainland.
This doesn’t particularly mean he cannot drive again, the only way to make sure is to report him for careless driving with a recomendation that he is then banned from driving until test passed and if all the evidence is worded correctly the magistrates will back it up.
Hope all make a good recovery including the horses.

Last edited 6 days ago by Black rat
Bob Frapples

He has given up his licence,he doesn’t want to drive anymore, no need to report him

Black rat

Yes you do otherwise he could change his mind at anytime and decide to drive again.

Sarah H

If he decides to drive again that’s up to him unless the DVLA states any different. He’s entitled to change his mind until otherwise

Lorraine Palmer



Better late than never I suppose!


Everyone should be made to retake the theory test every 10 years. That way anyone with a medical reason or other reason that are now incapable of driving will be discovered. Will also make everyone keep their driving skills up to date.


And hopefully lower insurance.


A theory test is online so will not show up a medical problem, much better to take a 20 minute test with an instructor who can see firsthand if you are capable and safe

Angelo D

I’ve been riding a motorcycle for 35 years and I have never coursed an accident with anybody so please don’t stroke everybody with the same brush


Horses shouldn’t be on the road……


Why shouldn’t they, the riders only go on the road if they have to

Ed Down

So do drink drivers


Horses were on the road before cars, they have every right to be there

Party of ten .

Wonder what it is like being 100% perfect and never making a mistake ?

Benjamin Dyer

I’ll let you know lol

Old bean

Hope the pensioner is ok

Little Pots

Hope the horses are fine, and the pedestrian


I hope everyone is fine, horses and all. I’ve witnessed an elderly driver in Bournemouth drive up the footway and into a shop front. Car destroyed, shop front wrecked. They were so in shock they could not speak. Sometimes a family conversation has to be had. Electric Wheely buggy time.


Horses on that bit of road are a danger to be aware of

Old bean

Very very true they just come straight out of stables thinking they own the road joke


Horses were on the road before cars, if you’ve ever spoken to a rider you would know they only go on the roads if necessary. What do you expect when your taking away forests and fields where else are they supposed to go? Horses were on the road way before any motored vehicle so show some decency

Old bean

Not saying horses shouldn’t be on road just saying that stables they just coming straight out in road no consideration for vechicles a horse will get hurt


Horses are not the danger, they are the vulnerable road user to be aware of.
Dozy drivers are the danger.


As someone who witnessed the incident, the silly old fool should be at fined, and made to pay any vets bills occurring. He was swerving all over the road leading up to the inci8and actually overtook two parked vehicles to crash into the poor horses and female stablehand.


Most old people would never pass the theory test let alone a driving test. Most of them wear glasses that have one lens.


It’s sad, but the Law should be changed that reflects age, I really don’t think 89 year old should be driving.


Certainly think people over 70 need regular retests.


There are many under 70 that shouldn’t have a licence seeing the way they drive.


One down thousand to go with on the island with the elderly incompetent drivers


no doubt from the mainland

Steven Willet

At least, as YET, we don’t have those who deliberately run over innocent people. Yet it is only that expensive piece of water likely protecting us from such.
I am sure our corrupt council will soon change our extremist free status when filling the masses of homes to be built here. Getting payment from inner city councils is so wrong, hence they will be at the front of the queue to happily take the 30 pieces of silver.
Vote them OUT next time

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