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A second person on the Isle of Wight has tested positive for coronavirus, it has been announced.

The first local case was confirmed by Public Health England last Saturday night and it hasn’t taken long for a second case to follow – a worrying development for those living locally, especially for the elderly population and their families.

It has not been revealed who the individuals are, where they live on the Island or where they have been. This has sparked some anger amongst the local community, who feel they should be told such information.

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Island Echo is told the second case has recently travelled to Thailand.

As of 09:00 on 14th March 2020, 1,140 people have been confirmed as having coronavirus. 21 patients have died nationally to date.

In a statement issued tonight, it has been said that Public Health England staff continue working with the Isle of Wight Council and NHS colleagues to manage the impact of the virus on the Island.

Simon Bryant, the council’s director of public health, has said:

”I’d like to reassure people that the council is working with health colleagues to do everything we can to stop the virus spreading and ensure Islanders are protected.

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“If you have not been contacted by Public Health England as a close contact of the confirmed cases you do not need to take any action at this time.

“Good hygiene is the best prevention and there are some simple steps you can take to protect you and your family by washing your hands regularly and thoroughly and if you cough, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue.

“If you have new symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for seven days from when your symptoms started.

“It is really important that in order to protect others, you don’t go to your doctor, pharmacy or hospital. You do not need to contact NHS 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.

“There’s lots of advice on how people can protect themselves and others online at

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature
  • a cough
  • shortness of breath

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. Research shows it takes, on average, around 5 days for symptoms to start showing.

If you are worried that you might have coronavirus

  • Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people, especially older or vulnerable people
  • Call NHS 111 or use the online service – you will be asked questions and given advice
  • You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or St Mary’s Hospital without checking with NHS 111

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


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So instead of helping maybe prevent further spread on the island by saying where they are they’re just gonna keep it a secret

Opinions Matter

This person or persons will now be in isolation and anyone who had been in contact will also be in isolation…..we hope! We must all keep calm, follow hygiene and hand washing instructions
This morning it has been announced on the BBC news that over 70’s will have to stay indoors for up to 4 months possibly. Let’s all make sure we look out for any elderly folk around us and offer any FREE help they might need. A rather worrying time for them.


I’m fuming about them keeping it secret at my husband and 16 yr old son both have rare autoimmune conditions

Who cares, I do.

You sound a very sad, ignorant person!


Who ?

Lynn ann

Surely we should know if they have travelled on any of the ferries as they will need to be deep cleaned

Mrs L

Well unless they swam back.. Then of course they travelled on one of the ferry services

Bernie Burns

Wightlink and any other ferry companies would be informed if such things happened. Doesn’t mean they have to release the information to the rest of us.

none given


I was at Hovertravel yesterday afternoon and after each time the customers had boarded the Hovercraft, the staff were spraying disinfectant on all waiting room seating, handrails on seats and door handles. I also saw the crew going onto the Hovercraft after everyone had got off, with sprays and paper towels in their hands.

They appear to be making an effort to prevent the spread of this – cannot speak for the other ferries though – not been on them.

Opinions Matter

Well done Hover travel this is what we need to reassure the public, their paying customers they are doing all they can to prevent the spread. To all the people out there on IOW, keep the hand washing going and catch those coughs and sneezes as instructed, do not cough or sneeze without covering your mouth


Government want younger population or the fittest to develop the virus in order to develop an immune system and protect the vonreble, but many vonreble will lose their lives. If we close down the country it will not stop the virus because it will return and we will have to start all over again. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, I personally will carry on as normal because I’m self employed and can’t work from home. No sick pay for the self employed, My childhood was during the sixties and we were exposed to everything, we didn’t… Read more »

Tim from the back alley



This is so true, just hope all of our generation get through this. Many like myself suffer underlying health problems and I am self isolating for my own Protection!

Peter A

Coronavirus help for self-employed
For the self-employed not eligible for SSP, contributory Employment and Support Allowance will be payable, at a rate of £73.10 a week if you are over 25, for eligible people affected by coronavirus or self-isolating in line with advice from day one of sickness, rather than day eight.


they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing Clare

I agree with the first part of your comment,…However: in the 60s; yes there weren’t the level of cleaning products there are now, & big business promoting them,… but then we didn’t have a virus pandemic either.

If your argument is correct & ‘the effects of the modern world’ is why we have this pandemic, how do you account for the 1918 pandemic? The 1918s Spanish flu pandemic killed at least 50 million people. Makes Covid-19 so far look like little sneeze.


We defeated them in the end by natural immunity, lots died and paid the price, that’s nature’s way.

However, industry is not helping, we need Natural immunity and that means cutting down on products that affect nature’s way of fighting viruses.

New viruses are created by man because of how we live our lives, lifestyles will always have consequences, so I say work with nature, respect nature and carry on..


So true, Clare. People jetting around the world at a moments notice because it is their ‘right’ to do so. People insisting on antibiotics for viral infections (for which they are useless) for years and the doctors complying. And now these cruel practices of some people in some countries abusing wild animals in such a way that it has caused this awful virus. The only good thing that may come out of this is maybe, just maybe, (but I won’t hold my breath) people will stop abusing wild animals in such a way, and people will stop travelling around so… Read more »


Worry times ahead

Magical mag

Stay well sweet xxx

Dave david

Wait for all these plant pots to start panic buying again. Just buy as u normally would, if ur isolated or positive covid carrier then get ur shopping delivered to ur door! The delivery drivers have got a procedure for this!
U do not need to panic buy!! Its not fair on everyone else!

Also hope the second person has a speedy recovery all the best to you!


Not all NHS/ambulance staff have the correct masks for dealing with this. Thanks for the help Maggie


That’s only the second one confirmed. I’m sure there will be more ie many people self isolating that are advised by 111 or whoever that don’t even get tested. Who does it and how are we tested on the island? Does anyone know?


You don’t need to be tested unless you are extremely unwell. Some people are just isolated because they’ve been in a certain area. If they’re not ill within 14days they don’t need to be tested. Anyone with a cough or cold does not need to be tested. There’s so many minor colds & flu around anyway you don’t need to be tested to see which virus it is, UNLESS you are extremely unwell & need medical help. NHS advice is to simply self isolate, drink plenty of fluids & take paracetamol


Also why are the ferries not having notices or hand gel ? My other half travelled back on Thursday and there was absolutely nothing on the ferry about it. Let’s face it that is the only way it will spread here via ferries. They should be doing more I don’t know the answer but to do nothing is not right.

You’re having a larf

Exactly. Spread by people coming across on ferries who know the risks yet don’t even supply themselves with gels or anything.


Everyone should be tested before they leave the terminal. Or better still lock the island down before everyone is infected


Complete lock down yes I suppose this could be a possibility to keep everyone safe but could also be so detrimental due to people being isolated from their families and loved ones, those that work off the Island etc Food and products that the Island needs for its population via grocery stores etc from the mainland how would that get there. This would certainly cause food shortages and panic buying. Yes precautions need to be taken by all especially the ferry companies. They have a duty of care for their staff and passengers and should be showing due diligence at… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Absolutely agree Smithy. In a county press report last week both ferry companies stated they had hand sanitizer stations available!!? If they haven’t got these, they should and also visible information on all ferries, hovers and catamarans. With Easter hols just around the corner, it will be interesting just how many holiday makers will travel over….

stephen chamberlain

Plenty of hand sanitizer and soap on wightlink ferrys. Plus we have been cleaning hand rails and other spots every trip. Thanks.


I spoke to Red Funnel onTuesday to ask if we could stay in our car because of the concerns and was told that it was not possible as there were Hazardous materials on board and then asked why we wanted to stay in the car.!!!! I was then told that the management were having a meeting about allowing passengers to stay in their cars, must be a very long meeting as have not heard anything since…


They decided against something about ballance of the ship

Peter Barber

You have every right to want to self isolate in your car and they can do nothing about it. You are trying to keep yourselves free from viruses etc..I bet if you said you suspected you may have have a virus or been in contact with someone who has a virus they would beg you to stay in your car.


I won’t even consider using the ferries unless and until they feel they can allow people to stay in their vehicles for the duration of the crossing.

simon bone

yes agree i don’t live on island but got loads of family on there, ferries should be cleaned after every sailing even if they run them bit later its best to be safe than sorry.


Should have done us all a favour and stayed on holiday over there and got better over there instead of bringing it to the island, selfish person

Mrs L

Not selfish.. They might not have had any symptoms at the time

Bernie Burns

My god you’re dense.

Paying for a hotel for all those nights would cost a lot of money.
They didn’t bloody know they had Corona, the chance of them getting it was extremely slim so it’d be very stupid of them to stay back when they would most likely not have it
Thailand could end up going on bloody lockdown and they’d be stuck there

Stop being so ignorant.


Perhaps they had No symptoms, perhaps they were not checked at airports, they are an individual who may most likely have done nothing wrong and you have chosen to persecute them with no evidence. I really hope you do not become ill with this condition and then face abuse and bullying online or anywhere else, we are in this together, not alone. Have a little compassion and understanding, nobody chooses to have this virus, this individual is ill and has relatives who may read this. Be compassionate and respectful, at best people are concerned, at worst people are dying and… Read more »

Jane Doh!

The symptoms can take over a week to appear so I’m guessing they felt fit and well when they returned.

stephen chamberlain

Im kind of glad it is islanders bringing it over. Can you imagine if it was a tourist? You guys would go nutts.


Totally agree

Don't tell him pike.

It’s nobody’s business who it is or where they are .what are you going to do with that information ? Go after them with flaming torches and pitchforks.


Just needs to be some general information. Such as area, Ryde, Newport, Cowes. Also how long they had been on the island before testing positive. Also if they had been too any gatherings or picking kids from school, for example. Better than nothing.


1. It’s absolutely none of your business who this person is

2. People work on the mainland and commute, people travel from town to town, so it is insignificant what town they’re from. I’m afraid your ‘little Isle of Wighter’ is showing if you think this matters

3. If your first thought is ‘I hope this person doesn’t infect me’ and not ‘I hope this person is okay’, then what a sad sack you are.

Get. A. Grip!!


Exactly. Let’s just say Newport. What does that do to things ?


I think that we are in a unique position here on the island, we should be much more conservative in our approach to this virus. We could easily quarantine ourselves. It seems people are still not taking this seriously enough at all. The idea that things won’t come here is very naive and dangerous. This is a crisis globally and we need to stop burying our heads in the sand. We have a population of elderly people here and we are not taking care of them. It is our responsibility to look after one another and we can, but we’re… Read more »


You haven’t though this through have you? It isn’t as simple as closing down the Island…..have you not noticed that the rest of the country is an Island as well.


Should shut down the island for a while to protect elderly residents.Easter will see spread of Coronavirus if travellers come from mainland.


Sorry where are you planning to get your supplies from?

Bernard from Gurnard

Is it me or is the above information unclear.. Quote “Simon Bryant has said if you have new symptoms stay at home..You don’t need to contact NHS 111 to tell them you’re staying at home” Then further down in the section headed “If you are worried you might have Coronavirus” it states “Call NHS 111”. Surely the latter is correct because if you’re self isolating due to having the listed symptoms then you cannot rule out having the virus and should seek advice from NHS 111 for your own benefit, to get advice about getting tested as well as to… Read more »


NHS 111 would be inundated with calls they can’t handle if people did this.. information is online and maybe they will have something that you record your self isolation online eventually.. think people sort of think this can be managed.. we can ALL do our best but cannot rely on the government or NHS, not because of any laxity on their part, but simply because they will not be able to cope, which is why the strategy is to try and move the peak to nearer summer months when NHS less stressed, but even then there will be people in… Read more »


Based on Boris government’s actions it would appear the government does NOT want to know and record cases of COVID-19. This is why Boris is ignoring World Health Organization protocol for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona Virus

Pure mass hysteria, panic and speculation by mass media.
Absolutely nothing to be afraid of or worry about.
Just a little worse than a common cold.

Opinions Matter

The elderly are in a ‘at risk’ group you numpty, don’t you watch the news or read the information online?


No it is not. False info. They are having to put people who have it bad on respirators. Going by current numbers in the UK it has a 10% fatality. If a family of five get it, 50% chance one of you will die.

Corona Virus

Better odds than me winning on the horses then??


“Going by current numbers in the UK it has a 10% fatality.”
erm… maths not your strong point Jim?

1391 confirmed cases, 22 deaths,…. that’s 1.5% (not 10%)

I do wish people wouldn’d blow this up out of all proportion.
Yes, it’s here. yes it has the potential to be bad. & Yes, its worrying, especially if you are elderly, have chronic illness, or have similar relatives,…
but people who exagerate the death rate by ~10 times are only going to cause panic.

sensible precautions, together with helping people in vunerable groups is much more likely to save lives than spreading false fear!


This is entirly wrong. Those with serious underlying health issues over a certain age are at risk.

You cant apply 10% to every person, there is a breakdown by age.

You are one dense person Jim.

Magical mag

I’ve found out a friend of mine past away with pneumonia a few months ago and her body didnt react like it should with the antibiotics because she had no electrolytes in her body and that’s because all her life she drank bottled mineral water because she thought it would keep her healthy and she ran her own company and was highly intelligent because of this mineral water she had no electrolytes in her system to work with the antibiotics ,so rest in piece lovely lady and peeps think twice about this mineral water because it might not help you… Read more »


And this has what to do with corona virus?

And as for mineral water…… The clue’s in the name… MINERAL water…
Most of it has more electrolytes than tap water…
RIP to your friend, but ignorance, whether to do with mineral water or corona virus is not helpful


What???? So nothing to do with antibiotics becoming ineffectual due to increased usage but everything to do with drinking too much mineral water. Hmmmm.

Charlie’s Aunt

And where is your evidence for this? Utter nonsense. By definition, mineral water is full of minerals. Filtered water on the other hand…

Charlie’s Aunt

What a shit comment, and what a shit website


Possibly one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever seen. What do you think electrolytes are? They are minerals! Mostly sodium (salt), potassium, magnesium and calcium, all of which are available in almost all food we eat, such as diary, fruit and meat. You’ll find bottled / mineral water typically contains MORE of these than tap water.

Sorry to hear of your friends passing, but please don’t spread such nonsense.

Brian Peters

Surely people coming back from these regions should be met when returning to this country and put into isolation rather than travel back to where they live surely that’s asking for it to spread


Where would you suggest they put the thousands & thousands of people who have been returning day after day in isolation….easier said than done


Surely the car ferries could find a boiler room or weld a small shipping container to the deck to use for all these selfish people who have come back from their ‘necessary’ hols, to travel back to the Island? It could then be steam cleaned every trip. Health and safety is a joke, people are no allowed to remain in their cars, in case the one in ten million chance of fire, yet they are happy to allow ‘the selfish’ to infect others who will go on to decimate many of our elderly. Sickening that common sense is overridden by… Read more »


Put paying passengers in a shipping container !!!!!! What sort of drugs are you on?


It seems people are still not being tested when coming back from overseas. I watch Daniel of Hiding in my Room channel on youtube and he came back from South Korea recently after living in Japan and no one tested him for anything when he came back to UK. The Isle of Wight ferries should only operate now for freight, not for passengers. Those who work on the mainland should make provisions to stay there or self isolate on island and hopefully still be paid. People in the vulnerable at risk group who live alone with no one at all… Read more »


All the recent publicity about people with Mental Health problems seems to have been wasted on you, maybe they have problems because they’ve been to War and have seen terrible things in the Service of OUR Country….YOUR Country. Useless wastes of space…… you and people like you ought to think a lot deeper about things before you write crap on social media.


Come on, Alan, surely you don’t believe that every single druggie and alcohol abuser on the Isle of Wight has mental health problems and then because they have BEEN TO WAR!? The people I was referring to are most likely in their late teens, hardly old enough to have gone to war! As for mental health problems, I have enough of my own mental health problems with severe anxiety, made worse by some of the aggressive druggies and drunks that I have to encounter that make me feel even more anxious. We could all go down the way of drink… Read more »


“and hopefully still be paid”…
you might be ‘Worried’ but presumably your income doesn’t come from having to work.
those who do work still have food to buy & mortgages or rent, and bills to pay,.. “hopefully still be paid” isn’t really good enough


I believe if people have to go to the mainland for health issues And are very vulnerable to corona that they can remain in there car on the car ferry


What’s going on? Have I missed something?


I work for the nhs the Covid 19 symptoms have being treated on the Island since Nov/Dec but was not recognised as Covid 19. It is no worse than flu and blown up by the press. Th Island has many cases but are mainly a mild form. My colleague in Southamnpton has being treating the same virus sinc e December.
There is no need for this constant hysteria.


Absolute rubbish Ron,

Sorry to say your comment with poor spelling and unbelievably stupid comments is not worthy of anyone working within the NHS.
I would suggest you are pretending to work for the NHS and passing on these comments as someone you would expect to have far more intelligence and common sense.
You are an absolute disgrace to every single person within the NHS and should be ashamed whoever you really are.
In the event by some miracle you actually work for the NHS you should be removed instantly.


Well I’m an irresponsible tourist due to come over soon . Looking at some of these comments not sure I’d feel welcome now


This is simply incorrect information, Ron. This is not just the flu.

For anyone interested in a calm, reasoned, factual interview this (URL below) is a MUST VIEW.


So every1 believes theirs just 1 case on the island. I think not.! Two people in ryde town yesterday walking around coughing and clearly ill but still out. And this person was over 60. I saw another 2 people over 60 displaying the same symptoms in ryde coop, so people are self isolating are they. If you look at Italy now. That’s us in about a week you mark my words.!!! but still our gov/council say JUST WASH YOUR HANDS. It’s a bit late for that really. Just All try and keep save and do what you think is right… Read more »


Never buy prepared food, just buy wrapped bread, and prepare food yourself, many will keep touch bread with germ ridden hands in supermarkets, so buy such in sealed plastic bags and stuff the whales eating such, this is about survival of us now. Avoid home made cakes as many old make such and skin particles fall into the flour mix, better to eat a few e numbers from Kiplings than CV virus. Never buy from take aways as many as we ‘see’ on here, have employed illegals, who aren’t registered and so don’t see doctors should they have illness. IF… Read more »


The trouble is how do we know they have this virus just because they are out coughing and sneezing? Sadly everywhere you go in the winter months especially, there are people coughing and sneezing everywhere, the buses are a nightmare because of it, it happens all the time but more of it in winter months, that is likely people with the usual type of chest infections or longstanding conditions they have, emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, colds, mild flu, or people with smokers coughs, they are everywhere, so how does anyone know that one of them has this particular virus unless they… Read more »


I have a cough , I’ve had it for years , I suffer from catarrh . It’s not catching so you can’t assume these people have the virus


I too, suffer from chestiness, probably inherited and no doubt made worse from having to live in damp surroundings, not having the money to live in the kind of luxury I would like. I have to clear my throat a lot and cough a bit because of it, so people might be worried thinking it’s the virus, but it isn’t. so I have to worry about people thinking I’m a plague carrier and have to worry about one of the many coughers and sneezers on the buses passing ti to me, when I am already vulnerable. When this virus first… Read more »


Shut down the schools I say because that will be the biggest gathering of people on a daily basis and just washing our hands will not really help that much with ‘containing the spread’


“Shut down the schools I say,….and just washing our hands will not really help “,..
and you’re an expert on controlling the spread of viruses are you Harvey ?

if ignorance is bliss, you must be very happy


If the schools close they won’t be made to stay in and not see friends etc it will be treated as extra holiday for a lot of them And we all know they aren’t as careful at hand washing plus what about the parents who work? Who will look after them? Grandparents? Then they are at risk. At least at school they are made to take precautions. But of course this could easily all change soon. I do understand parents concerns though.

Shanklin Steve

It’s ridiculous that we are not being told even the basics, “they travelled back to the island by this medium on this day” so as people know straight away if they have been in proximity of the poor infected person. We simply have a right to know!

My wife is very much at risk and I have travelled recently and I just need this information, not only for her but anyone else I would have been in contact with.

Very simple really!


I agree, we should be told the basics, not asking for the identity of the people, but the basics. People are still going on holidays though to places where they know there is risk, because they don’t see why they should forego something they take for granted as their ‘right’, I have never been on holiday in my life, neither have two other people I know, but we are all in the at risk group, this is so unfair when we have done nothing to bring any of this about, but are at risk because of other peoples actions. The… Read more »


People need to stop with the panic buying. It’s ridiculous no hand soap did you people not bother before to wash. Obviously not.


Rubbish. It is only those who have huge freezers full of food, telling others not to panic buy, afraid they may miss out. You can be sure all the well to do DON’T live ‘hand to mouth’ and are well catered for.

Imo best to buy all you can for ONLY you care for your family, not strangers on here or the well heeled or Government.


“Imo best to buy all you can”
Oh yeah Seay & leave nothing for anyone else ??? especially the old folks who can’t get out every day just to see if they can get a tin of beans & some toilet roll.

that comment makes you seem selfish and pathetic


Very selfish attitude Seay. There’s enough for everyone. ALDI first to ration hopefully they all will to stop the selfish being greedy. Some of us can’t afford to stock up.


Hello, is that NHS 111 ? I’ve been on holiday in the Far East, what test should I make a priority, Coronavirus or the clap?

Corona Virus

If you been to Thailand I’d recommend the latter

A bad case of flu

What in God’s name is going on. Sooner or later, with everybody hyping this up, the entire country will be left to rot indoors. Nobody will be able to do anything because we will all be in complete lockdown. I’d rather not live my life like a wet blanket. I will wash my hands thoroughly and try not to sneeze in public but if anybody tells me I will have to wear a mask then they can poke it where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ll be cautious but not ridiculous.

Bob Taylor

News media need to stop publishing ‘alarmist’ images e.g. empty supermarket shelves and big scary ‘apocalyptic’ visualisations of the virus such as the image at the top of this story, Island Echo…
The public is scared enough already without these alarmist headlines and images to make it worse (will they stop? I doubt it)

Russell Izzy

it is so wrong that we arnt told where the virus is on the island .what about those of us who have to travel to southampton hospital to see the cancer doc .we are more at risk than many others .

Jeff Wode

Our kids have both been off school (Nettlestone Primary) and in isolation since last weekend with symptoms. Daughter’s class was down to 8 from 30! Similar at other schools on the island as well. There are far FAR more cases of this than those that have been tested. We’ve been told they won’t test anyone who isn’t returning from abroad or has been in direct contact with someone who has now. Government know it’s here and I’d imagine a lot more will develop symptoms in the next couple of weeks.


Should be marking the doors of the infected with the plague cross. Without identifying who it is we don’t know if they are going out spreading it about. Some people have already been caught doing that.


In my opion the island should be shut down to stop it being brought over from the mainland and to protect our elderly folk we’ve only had 2 cases. So far so let’s try and keep it that way….stop the car event coming here as well as the mod dance and the festival I’m sure we can do with out it for 1 year


100% rise in Islands virus rate uptake then. Schools will be shut for FOUR MONTHS, imagine the arson, the vandalism, the theft from shops. Inner cites will have riots, and looting, drug dealing mugging, stabbing, shooting and rape will all increase as the emergency services are too busy to cope as they are not ‘immune’ from the virus. This is not the 1940’s, the UK is not full of nice people who all know and care for their neighbours, now more likely get robbed by them than helped in many inner city areas. Then think of all the elderly saddled… Read more »


I see the spyglass inn has been deep cleaned.i was there on Wednesday

Dan Skelton

Only gonna get worse, lads.

Corona Virus

Why would you believe that?
I’m totally harmless :^)

Ted Bundy

Doubt it mate


Very true Dan.
Both the virus, and the ridiculously stupid comments from some people


I trust the authorities are going to announce some positive news. How many of those treated have recovered, we all heard when the first person was diagnosed with Covid 19, but no result of the outcome. now two more people have been identified as having the virus. So come on assist us to keep this in proportion.


Sadly it seems that Governments are not mentioning how many younger people are dying of this:

Mother of 5

As usual this comment section on this website is just like a nasty witch hunt, I have to say we must be doing something right as an island to only have 2 confirmed cases so far,seen as this started months ago , and as for bitching about the ferries they must be doing something right aswell ,seen as they deal with hundreds of travellers a day and I dont expect they really want to have to be there but they have to get you where you want to go ,simple if you dont have to dont travel ‍♀️and as for… Read more »

Just a Thought

How about we suspend all ferry/hovercraft/fascat travel to and from the Island as we now know the spread is only going to get much worse? It doesn’t have to be forever and we can work out a way to get residents back but given the vulnerable nature (elderly) of the Island community is it not worth taking every precautionary measure possible… Resident safety > Wightlink/Red Funnel profits.


No Ferry etc … no food in the shops… great idea

Who cares, I do.

Reading most of these comments I never realised how much ignorance and hatred existed on the IOW, how very sad.

Mike Oxechee

Why doesnt people with it just bloody keep it to yourself sharing not caring


If you take anti-inflamatories STOP right now. Majority of cases in the young are those taking Naproxin et al.


Just wait for the infected to rise from their grave and try to eat our brains, then you’ll be sorry….


Grumpy Old Git

Judging by the standard of some of the comments on here, they are going to go hungry.

Bob Taylor

So how about this for a scenario – currently the island has only two cases of the virus (or at least as far as we know) so maybe the island will somehow fare better than the mainland? But then all the visitors begin coming over at Easter and beyond with a certain % of them carrying the virus. Because we have a high % of older people here it then could become a bigger problem here than the mainland. It’s a dilemma isn’t it – island businesses need the visitors’ money but it will come at a big price that… Read more »

Who cares, I do.

This has got to be click bait. Or there are a lot more sads on the iow.yea lower case intended!

Lucinda narckze


Mike Oxechee

I MEAN 1954


i still dont get why the schools are not being shut down when there big gatherings and school kids arent the cleanest people


More concerned about the patient being transferred to the mainland. If we can’t handle 2 then what’s in place for the iow?

Bob Taylor

I can’t help thinking that this virus has achieved what we couldn’t previously achieve sensibly i.e. global warming is now being addressed with 90% of jet airliners parked up; fewer cars driving around; fewer cruise ships in operation and it’s also reminded us that we’re all basically the same – black, white, Christian, Muslim – and hopefully the guns & rockets in all the war zones around the world will quieten down a bit too. But to more important stuff – has anyone got a spare toilet roll they can lend me? (or I’ll swap for 10 packets of pasta… Read more »


” hopefully the guns & rockets in all the war zones around the world will quieten down a bit too”
yeah, but have you seen that in the USA, sales are booming,.. not just for face masks & hand gel,… but especially for Guns!!!

I wouldn’t want to show any symptoms of Covid-19 there.. 🙁

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