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From 1st December Island residents will have to pay £10 for replacement recycling and waste wheelie bins unless they are stolen, in which case the theft must be reported to Police to escape the new charge.

Presently the Isle of Wight Council’s waste service is picking up the bill for all the 3,300 bins that were reported lost or stolen on the Island last year. This new move will see households jointly coughing up over £33,000 a year.

The savings from the new charge is equivalent to almost 2 full time care assistant posts and is part of the Council’s drive to use residents’ money wisely and balance its budget – an option agreed at the Full Council budget setting meeting in February 2016.

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Councillor Michael Murwill, Cabinet member for waste management says:

“This charge is less than half what it costs the service to replace the bin and is an appropriate amount for people to pay that means that money can be used for other front line services.

“The waste service is paying for far too many bins and cannot continue to do so. Sadly, a small minority of people are abusing this system to collect them to use as storage devices or to avoid recycling.

“I think that the vast majority of residents who look after their bins and use them properly will think that this is a good way for the waste service to be responsible with their money.”

New build properties will get new bins free of charge, as will people moving to an existing property where a bin isn’t already there.

Residents are being encouraged to personalise their bins to protect against theft – and to also take greater care to prevent damage. In order to escape the £10 replacement charge any thefts must be reported via 101 or online at and a crime reference number obtained. Over 40 questions are asked when filling in the online crime form.

The council is warning residents that a false reporting of a bin theft wastes valuable police resources and is a crime under Section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967.

Food caddies, paper and card inserts and gull-proof sacks continue to be replaced free of charge.

How to order replacement wheeled bins

The online form to order a replacement bin will be available from 1st December. Households are entitled to have 1 black wheeled bin for their non-recyclable waste and a maximum of 2 green wheeled bins for recyclable waste. For further information on exemptions and the evidence needed, visit or contact the waste team on 01983 823777.

Top tips to protect your bin:

• Numbering or personalising your bin with stickers or wraps helps make sure you get the right bin back after collection, and deters people from stealing it.
• We advise you put your containers out for collection first thing in the morning by 7am rather than the night before and to make sure they are taken in as soon as possible after collection.
• Bring your bin in as soon you can after collection as it reduces the chance that it could be stolen.
• It is your responsibility to make sure your bin is kept safe. We would advise that you check around your property or that your neighbour hasn’t taken yours by mistake before requesting a new one.
• Prevent damage to your wheeled bin and needing to replace it by not overfilling it – look at recycling items as much as possible to reduce the quantity.

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