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A 4×4 has crashed into a front garden following a collision on Horsebridge Hill between Newport and Cowes this morning (Saturday).

The silver Range Rover has come to rest in the front garden of a residential address between the junctions of Noke Common and Stag Lane.

A white Audi has also sustained damage in the incident, which occurred shortly before 09:55.

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Police are on scene.

UPDATE @ 10:20 – Police, fire and ambulance crews are now in attendance at the scene of the crash.

Island Echo is told that a passenger of the Range Rover is still in the vehicle.

Traffic is tailing back in both directions with Southern Vectis warning of delays to Route 1 buses.

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UPDATE @ 10:55 – The road has now been closed in both directions by Police as fire crews work to extricate the passenger of the Range Rover.

All traffic, except for buses, is being diverted via Noke Common.

A total of 3 vehicles have been involved in the crash – a white Range Rover, a white Audi A3 and a black Peugeot 207.

UPDATE @ 11:15 – 1 male has been extricated from the car by means of a full roof removal.

The individual is now in the care of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and is being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital, just a short distance away.

Emergency services are making up and will be leaving the scene in due course. However, the road is expected to remain closed whilst recovery of the vehicles takes place.

UPDATE @ 11:55 – Horsebridge Hill has now reopened to all traffic.

The diversion route is still very busy.

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Soon to be showing on the BBC. Car Crash Island.

Calum Glenister

We need hidden speed cameras on most roads, and backed up by anyone speeding to lose their licence for a year, and their car sold and the proceeds ploughed back into road safety.
Nothing will happen as the jails full of the worlds low life now, so sentences are feeble for what is thought to be trivial crimes, and the people ‘know it’.
Will only get worse as more houses are built, more frustration of hold ups, more overtaking and speeding to make up lost time etc.
Watch and see, this is the ‘good times’ now.


How right you are, I have tried Seely the police still no response


40mph speed limit is far too fast for Horsebridge Hill.

Martin Shoebridge

Expensive repair! Here’s a suggestion- convert it into an open top SUV… Hope the passenger is ok…

Ed Down

It will buff out

Red Squirrel

Echos update at 1115 states, Emergency services are making up and will be leaving the scene in due course, did they have some sort of argument, glad their all making up and eating haribos nicely again lol. Hope all involved are ok.


Humerous comments to one side if anywhere should have a proper traffic management system it is the Isle of Wight. Every day there are RTA articles on here involving multiple cars. Instead the authorities move in the opposite direction, taking out fixed speed cameras and ignoring the need to address black spots. All this does is provide ignorant drivers with the ability to speed, take a lazy attitude to driving and disrespect our roads, towns and (particularly) our small communal villages. The Council does not have the investment it seems but when does this become a public safety issue.


Why don’t we just make the island 30mph all over. That way there is no misunderstanding.
Saying that a high percentage of old people should not be on the roads anyway.


More younger and middle-aged drivers are involved in accidents and speeding than elderly drivers.


Lyndon, I did say ‘if’ with a capital big IF, but if the cap fits, then I stick by my comments.   Yet if just yet ‘another’ unlucky, careful law abiding driver, whose car had a blow out or malfunction, or who swerved to avoid an innocent baby, or perhaps had a medical episode then the afore said big ‘IF’ covers that.   Perhaps you being ‘in the know’ could enlighten all the readers as to what this now assumed innocent driver had happed to cause such damage?   Not being sarcastic as, (although still doubtful) it is true we… Read more »

Hux 2

I was driving the Audi and this was purely an accident and thankfully we all walked away ….agreed Lyndon , everyone needs to keep their inaccurate and inconsequential opinions ( as that’s all they are ) to themselves ….. very thankful to everyone who was there giving their support and kindness in a situation that could have been life changing !!!! Think before you dictate an opinion publicly regarding something you have no knowledge of ..accidents happen !!!! #keyboardwarriors


Not this one , that’s a different one I know the vehicle your talking about , this was my brother in this accident so before comments like this you should be sure !


Think it was the same Range Rover hammering around east Cowes last weekend


yes i know the reasons and all involved,both cars going to cowes, one turning onto drive other moments lapse swerved and hit wall rather than go in back so please shut your mouth and comments

Perry Hill

Too close and too fast then. Driving without care and attention and perhaps speeding.


No not this particular one , I do know of the one your talking about tho , this was my brother in the accident this morning so try a be a little more sensitive with your comments , my brother went through this wall to avoid a car turning on him not because of dangerous driving !


Martin it is the one with the loud exhaust and we will all find out soon as we won’t hear it tearing around anymore.


get well soon cuz. big love your pull through ❤️


Your the kind of person that thinks it’s execptabl for idiot’s to drive, your a disgrace…

Truth Teller

Wow, you have a very low IQ dont you.


i saw it, it was my stepson, i know all involved so again i suggest all you guessers shut your mouths unless you were there thankyou

Fed up

I seen that car twice this week driving like a mad man .
And look where it has ended up .

Richard Collins

I wonder if that is the same White Range Rover that zooms down Monkton Street at least once a day? I’ll find out next week.

Hux 2

I feel the need to comment on this feed as there seems to be a lot of negativity towards what was merely an accident !! Accidents do happen and they are just that ! …if people would like to speculate on the causes of any incident then they are of course welcome to , without any malice intended, it would be nice if people on here who have an opinion either kept it to themselves or discussed it privately !! ….I was involved in today’s incident and am just truly thankful that all parties will wake up tomorrow with their… Read more »


Why don’t we all go back to horse and carts that would be safer


And everyone’s roses would be bigger and better as well!


This was an accident. Nothing but an accident. Thankfully both drivers have walked away from this and I’d like to say a personal thank you for all who helped them both. Social media can be very negative or very positive. Let’s turn these negative speculative comments about the drivers into an evening which they are both able to still enjoy. Life is too short. Remember that and be kind please people ❤️.


what constitutes ‘just an accident’? careless driving?


they need to have their licence and their keys taken away.


How does anyone know who’s Range Rover this is if the number plate isnt visible ??


J W it’s hardly a Ford Focus is it. Tinted rear lights black wheels and a bloody noisy exhaust you can’t miss the thing you hear it before you see it hence everyone knows what one it is.


I think you’ll find it’s not , as I know the white one white with the load exhaust and it’s not this one , this was my fucking brother in this one I know this car because I work on it and only just mot it ! So your wrong ! Make sure you know facts first


Please editor, can the foul language be removed?



I hope all involved make a full and complete recovery.

If the known driver to you ended up with a wrecked vehicle because he took evasive action that’s pretty tough.

A car can be replaced though, ignore the social media know it alls and their comments.

Kudos to the driver for talking swift action.

Rise above the clouds – Retain all dignity.

Hux 2

Both I and my partner are hugely thankful to your family who showed so much concern and offered me support under such distressing circumstances For them , I will be forever grateful…….pricks on here feel they know everything about everything and feel it’s appropriate to point blame when it was an accident that they know nothing about , I am flooded with relief knowing your brother is ok ….. Purely idiots with a keyboard on here …please say a huge thankyou to your family as they went above and beyond to help me whilst going out of their minds with… Read more »

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