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Islanders are being asked their views on plans for the future of Cowes Harbour, including the combination of the Cowes Harbour Commission and the town Waterfront Trust.

The Cowes Harbour Advisory Committee stakeholder representatives met on Friday (3rd July) to hear about and discuss several proposals, including an idea to combine Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) and Cowes Town Waterfront Trust (CTWT), a potential application by CHC to the Charity Commission to register as a charity, and the requirements for a modernising Harbour Revision Order.

The aim of these proposals is to assist the continuing development of Cowes Harbour as a thriving port, a centre for leisure sailing, an events venue and tourist destination. The meeting of the stakeholder advisory committee for Cowes Harbour is the first phase of a comprehensive consultation process with all the stakeholders of both organisations, including customers and local communities.

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Cowes Harbour Commission’s Chairman David Riley said:

“We believe the proposed combination of these two important Cowes organisations could assist our joint vision and help to develop a long-term plan for Cowes Harbour in partnership with our community and stakeholders to maximise the harbour’s potential and its vital central leisure and yachting gateway. The proposed new Trust would continue to keep safety as our top priority but would also ensure that the potential new charitable status would operate proactively, raising and delivering funds into public benefit projects, to improve access and enjoyment of the harbour and adjoining waterfronts on both banks of the Medina.”

Jeremy Dale, Chairman of Cowes Town Waterfront Trust, the charity which owns and operates Cowes Yacht Haven, commented:

“Both existing organisations are run for the public benefit and return financial surpluses back to our local communities and stakeholders. The idea is that, by combining our two organisations, we should be stronger together and more effective at providing and developing our leisure, yachting, visitor and event services for our customers, whilst also continuing to deliver our charitable objectives for our local community and for the enjoyment of current and future generations.”

Cowes Harbour Commission and Cowes Town Waterfront Trust are keen to understand your views and comments on this initial stakeholder consultation and exciting proposals for the future of the harbour and waterfront.

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Islanders and all interested parties are invited to read more details on the proposals, which are available to view at

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Surely it should be only people from Cowes and East Cowes who should have a say as it doesn’t affect any other Islanders. Please can someone tell me how it’s going to benefit anyone other than the fat cats and no doubt jobs will be lost and that’s not very nice for a so called Charitable Organisation

Not American

How do the ‘thriving’ harbour of Cowes and the very commercial Cowes Yacht Haven envisage themselves as a ‘charitable’ organisation.
Combine to run Cowes if you think it is the best way but trying to claim charitable status is just a tax dodge and very insulting to all those genuine charities, those that actually help people, that are struggling, especially at the moment.

Mango crazy

Jobs= taxes= rates= better facilities= better for all subsidiary businesses in Cowes.
Create new Marina east Cowes by Norris just a sandbank at present, copy what the Dutch do with reclamation of seabed/ land. East Cowes Yacht club could be formed.
Extra parking underground and plenty of area for all types of leisure


If Mackintosh Island is anything to go by God help us and not a profitable organisation don’t make me laugh

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