The Isle of Wight NHS Trust have historically placed regular requests to the public to return crutches and walking-aids but now they are adding to that appeal and requesting that any slings and slide sheets are also returned.

It has recently been highlighted that slings and ‘slide sheets’ that are used to transfer patients safely are not being returned. It is believed that when these items are being used in the discharge process of a patient, whether to a Patients home or to a Residential or Nursing Home, they have been kept and not returned.

Approximately 10 slings per month at a cost of £170+VAT each and approximately 50 slide sheets a cost of £11.40+VAT each are not returned to the Trust. Annually this costs the Trust and the wider NHS £27,500.

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Connie Wendes, Head of Health, Safety and Security at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said:

“Moving patients safely is paramount for everyone involved. We use slide sheets and slings in safe handling and transferring of patients and to be able to assist in moving and positioning patients in a variety of situations. Such items not only ensure the patient is transferred safely but they also keep our staff members safe from harm.”

The Trust is asking members of the public who have a relative who has been discharged in the last 12 months to check for and return any equipment no longer needed to the Main Reception Desk at St Mary’s Hospital. Equally, if you have any crutches or other walking aids that are no longer needed you can also return these to the hospital.

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