pushthewightOn 21st September, teams of wheelchair users and able-bodied pushers, together with solo wheelchair and mobility scooter users will make the journey around Ryde Canoe Lake in aid of MAD-Aid.

The event, named “Push-the-Wight”, will help fund the transport of second-hand medical equipment and mobility aids to hospitals in Moldova which are very poorly equipped by UK standards.

MAD-Aid saves money for both the private and government sector such as hospitals, hospices and nursing homes by taking their unwanted medical equipment and furniture away for free. This equipment and furniture normally has to be disposed of commercially at considerable expense. However, MAD-Aid can transport it directly to the hospitals in Eastern Europe where it is so badly needed. Not only good for them but also good for the planet as well.

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The shipping costs of around €4500 per 2000-mile trip are currently raised solely through donations and events like Push-the-Wight.

There are several ways to support the event, which will take place at 11:00 on 21st September…

– You could promote the event among your colleagues and associates.
– You could sponsor a push – entrants will be seeking sponsors.
– You could join the volunteer team for the day.
– You could send a donation. Each shipping mile costs £2.50, so £25 pays for 10 miles, £50 pays for 20 miles, and £100 pays for 40 miles.

If  you or your company would like to help, contact Victoria Dunford on 01983 718408/617872, or drop an email to [email protected]

The event is sponsored locally by Island Mobility, PC Consultants, Rotary Club of Sandown, HJ Bennett and George Jenkins Transport.

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