37-year-old Paul Butler has been charged with 27 criminal offences, including numerous thefts in and around Newport.

Officers from Newport’s Neighbourhood Policing Team have been busy investigating incidents in the town which include those thought to have been committed by Mr Butler.

According to Police, Paul Butler of Robin Hood Street, Pan has been charged with a total of 27 offences including theft, using counterfeit money and possession of cannabis.

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He has been remanded in custody by Magistrates to appear before the Isle of Wight Crown Court for trial in August.

Jennifer May-Cunningham, 33, of Carisbrooke Road, Newport has been charged with 2 thefts and an assault. She will appear at the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court on 31st July 2020.

Gary Dauncey, 49, of Osborne Road, Shanklin was yesterday charged with a theft in Newport. He appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court today and was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment for the theft and other offences.

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Opinions Matter
Opinions Matter
2 years ago

Crime on the IOW seems to be increasing. 2/3 years ago front page news was ‘rubbish bin pushed over in Newport’ now we have drugs, so many drug dealers, stabbings, probably over drug debts and so many accidents involving cars. Speeding is out of control, some think the IOW roads are racetracks and the speed limits don’t apply to them (total ars****es). Crime here is slowly creeping in. Such a shame because the island is a beautiful place to live. God helps us once the Pennyfeathers development is full of overspill scum and troublemakers from the mainland.

Reply to  Opinions Matter
1 year ago

I fully agree with your sentiments until you say the development will be full of scum etc and etc.
I moved to the Island in the 80’s to get away from one crime wave location, and unfortunately, the Island is slowly but surely catching up.
I do hope the courts hand out suitable sentencing that will deter these people from committing crimes again. Not sure they will.


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