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The Island’s MP, Andrew Turner has paid tribute to 2 well-known figures from the world of Island politics who passed away over the weekend. 

Sadly, Morris Barton OBE, a former leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Colin Richards, councillor for Arreton and Newchurch have both passed away.

Mr Turner said:

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“Many people do not realise that there is a great deal that unites those of us in the political world – even when we do not share political views. Morris was as consummate a political operator as I ever met – and that didn’t stop after he left public office! He and I agreed on some things, and not on others, but he was unfailingly friendly to political friends and foes alike. He loved the Island with a passion and was always ready to give a word of advice or share his view of a situation.

“Colin was quiet and unassuming. A real gentleman; one of the old school.  His love of the countryside and the area he represented was obvious to all who met him.

“The family and loved ones of both these well-respected Island figures have my sincere condolences. They have had very personal losses. But the Island is also a poorer place after the sad death of two good people who were willing to put much time and effort into serving their communities. They will both be missed.”

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