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THE Island’s MP Andrew Turner yesterday supported an attempt to introduce a Bill calling for Halal and Kosher meat to be clearly labelled at the point of sale.

Early last year Mr Turner wrote to Island supermarkets asking whether they sold Halal or Kosher meat, in which animals are killed by a single cut to the throat and bleed to death without being pre-stunned. This follows after the issue had been raised with him by a large number of Islanders. Mr Turner found some responses were unclear and contradictory.

Philip Davies, the MP for Shipley, yesterday asked for leave to bring the Bill before Parliament; however unfortunately the proposal was narrowly voted down, losing by three votes.

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Mr Turner said yesterday: “I was surprised that a proposal for clear food labelling was opposed.

“We attempted to bring forward the proposal under a Ten Minute Rule Bill – these only rarely become law, but can raise the profile of an issue.  They are often unopposed, so I am most disappointed that this one, which so many people would agree with, cannot move forward at this time.  However, I am sure this issue will be raised again and I will work with MPs of all parties to take it forward when it is.”

 Picture: Andrew Turner 

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