kathrynwilliamsQuay Arts will play host to Mercury Music Prize winner Kathryn Williams later this week as she perform tracks from her latest album Crown Electric.

Fans of Elvis and/or American industry may already know that Crown Electric is the name of the power company that employed the young Presley as a delivery truck driver until he got the call to record his first session at Sun Studios. Sixty years later, it’s also the title of the tenth album from Liverpool-born, Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams.

It’s a suitably emphatic name for Williams’ most potent album yet, confirmation and summation of the songwriting skills she’s been honing since 1999’s Dog Leap Stairs. From the first song to the last, her lyrics have never been more astute, her melodies more memorable nor her arrangements more beautiful.

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Kathryn says:

“Songwriting is an addiction in a way. When I sit down and write a song it just make sense.

“A lot of singer-songwriters use thousands of words and it’s all vanity. It doesn’t have the ring of truth. I don’t want to use clever words, I just want the listener to get an image. I want it to have physical impact”.

Tickets for this fantastic singer songwriter are only £10 in advance or £12 on the door and can be bought online at

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