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medinahighFollowing an Ofsted Inspection earlier this month, Medina College in Newport has been graded as requiring improvements.

The Ofsted report, carried out on the 12th and 13th March, classes Medina College as ‘not yet a good school’ but recognises that under the current leadership it is well on the way to becoming one.

The inspectors offered praise for the supportive parent and governing body at Medina, and acknowledge the headteacher and his team are passionately committed to improving students achievement and have put in place systems which are already beginning to bring about substantial improvements following issues which confronted the school when it opened.

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Furthermore, inspectors observed a large number of lessons from across the curriculum and the majority of these lessons were judged to be good. Outstanding teaching was observed in English, Maths, Science, the Humanities and the College’s specialisms of visual and performing arts.

Ofsted report that ‘most teachers establish good working relationships with their students and establish a positive environment for learning.’ However, they identify the need for some teachers to plan lessons more consistently.

Headteacher, Mr Nathan Thomas said, “I think this Ofsted report reflects accurately what I believe to be the case, which is that Medina College is on the cusp of becoming a very good school and has the staff and students to move to ‘outstanding’. We have overcome a number of difficult challenges over the past two years but I am supported by an incredibly talented and extremely hard working staff, with a shared vision for the students to fulfill their potential across a wide range of subjects. We recognise the battle is not yet won but the plans are in place; we have already had a number of victories, and I’m confident the result we all want for Medina will be achieved.”

Schools awarded a Grade 3 are subject to a further inspection within 24 months and Medina is confident the promise identified in this inspection will be realised by the time Ofsted return.

Terence Hart, Chair of Governors added, “Ofsted has recognised that all elements of leadership are good within the school and the Governing Body is confident that Nathan Thomas and his staff will build on the existing systems and processes to achieve good and outstanding outcomes across all elements of the Ofsted framework’.

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