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A Labour-led council on the Isle of Wight would seek to turn the Island into an exporter of renewable energy, the party has said.

There would be no place for oil drilling or fracking on the Island if Labour were to come into power.

Labour’s Southampton City Council established a local energy company which reduces bills for local residents, while also providing all its energy from renewable sources. Labour on the Isle of Wight would establish a similar company to reduce residents’ bills.

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However, Labour on the Island would go further. Island Labour’s Chair, Julian Critchley, said:

“The island is blessed with excellent conditions to become a renewable energy powerhouse. We have one of the sunniest climates in the UK, we are surrounded by waters with large tidal ranges, and both onshore and offshore wind power is an as-yet untapped resource.”

“A Labour-led council would set up a local energy company, as Southampton did. Initially, this would focus on reducing bills for residents. But in the longer term, we would be looking to reinvest returns from that company into renewable energy generation. The Island should be exporting clean energy to the rest of the UK, and Islanders can all benefit from that.”

“The repeated attempts to drill for oil on the island are ridiculous. Not only do Islanders not want it, but the world can’t afford it. More to the point, with the renewable options we have which are currently untapped, it’s completely unnecessary.”

The statement comes as a planning application is submitted for an oil discovery well at Arreton.

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Dicky Daniels

Would that be like one in Newport, that went bust because no one paid there bill. Bailed out by poll taxpayer.


Sounds great, i need cheaper electricity, but i actually prefer to cook with gas and my heating is gas.
Will he pay for me to switch to all electric?
I don’t think so.
How many people would it take to sign up to make it viable?

Inbred iowter

Labour has as much chance of getting into power on the island as the monster loony party

Joe Bloggs

So Liebour intend to cover our beautiful Island in solar panels and hideous windmills. No thanks.


Wait until UKOG, the oil exploration and extraction company come here and ruin the ‘main growing area’ at Arreton when they drill for oil.
If oil or the chemicals used to free up the mud leach into the underground water supply, who will pay to reinstate the damage?
Has the council checked the insurance of this minnow company to ensure it is NOT us the council tax payers who will pay should disaster occur?
Too busy likely still counting their gains


David Green was trying to do this years ago. He was a good bloke and had a very good plan to put the Island on the map of renewable energy. Would have created a lot of jobs for locals. But the Isle of Wight council told a load of lies about him and drove him to taking his own life. No one in the council has yet taken responsibility for their actions.

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