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Cowes’ Neighbour Policing Team have successfully recovered a knife from a skate park in the town thanks to the efforts of local metal detectorists.

Officers have recently worked with local metal detector enthusiasts to conduct a sweep of public areas in a bid to locate hidden and discarded knives.

Cowes Skate Park was the latest target area for the operation, resulting in a knife being discovered and taken off the streets.

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Last year, 315 children and young people (Under 25) were caught in possession of a bladed implement across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Over the past 3 years, Hampshire Constabulary has seen a year on year increase in this age group caught carrying knives.

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Az-zahra Aziz
Az-zahra Aziz
1 year ago

Thank God for that. I can now allow my children out, safe in the knowledge that the owner of that knife will never be a threat again.
Unless he takes another knife from the drawer of course.
Still, the feel good factor to the totally naïve is good to fool some into believing life is just a ‘little’ safer when it is not.

1 year ago

Think it is about time police and the local authorities got together and took action against the kids that are out of control in the Cowes area instead of sitting on their hands and hoping it just goes away. Perhaps if the Skate Park is not a safe place then it should be closed until something is done to stop the criminal activities continuing

Lee Wild
Lee Wild
1 year ago

You what, One knife found and it’s a safer place?
A round of applause, please, meanwhilee the real problem is with Children and young people IN PISESSION of a bladed instrument.
Was that report really worth the ink?
How about some effective prosecutions?

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