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A luxury sports car left the road, collided with a lamp post and came to a stop on a grass bank in Lake this morning (Friday).

The incident happened at around 07:30 on Newport Road, just off the Merrie Gardens roundabout outside Aldi supermarket.

It’s unclear what caused the driver of the convertible Jaguar to mount the pavement and drive up the bank.

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1 fire appliance from Shanklin was mobilised to the incident in the interests of scene safety.

Police were also called to the scene and officers have since taped off the area to make other motorists aware that they know about the situation.

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Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w


Bang on once again Phil, though the namby pampbees won’t wish to hear the truth, they prefer to imagine it is all unavoidable.


And the truth is ? Let’s wait to find out the truth, then we can either condemn the driver for being an idiot for drink driving, drug taking, driving too fast etc etc, or we can sympathise due to the reason for this incident. Bottom line, there is too much of this kind of thing happening.
I really hope you never find yourself the subject of a incident by which you end up off the road and all and sundry condemn you as an idiot, when the incident was no fault of your own.

Vinny Phillips

Perhaps the tarmac was dodgy

Old bean

Was it a tornado? Or was it another idiot driving to fast and lost it on roundabout?


He must have been on his Wahwai phone at the time, you just can’t trust the Chinese Satellite Navigation……too many bugs…

Andy Churches

Wahwai? Is that a new brand?


Yet another one car accident


Not even sure how the driver managed it but quite slot of damage along the driver side bizarre

John Gootland

I know the driver – she is normally very careful – I assume its the weather that has caused this.
Hope every one is ok!


You don’t know the driver that we’ll as its a male who owns that car…

Island Fool

Maybe not a man all week? Identifies as a Woman on Fridays and Sundays?


You seem to know the driver of every crash when really your just a lonely cretin.


Probably global warming….


‘ I assume the weather caused this’ ? weather couldn’t have been that bad if the top was down ??


Another pointless toy 12 miles to the gallon off the road, hallelujah


If he is only getting 12 mpg its not running right , I get 21mpg out of mine


Not as pointless as your comment! Just hope the occupants are ok!

Yoshikage Kira

Had he smashed head on with the lamppost he’d be doing 0mpg cos it’d be up the scrapyard LOL

Some Guy

If you cant treat yourself to something nice that you worked for every now again why bother working hard? Might as well just quit work and get the bills paid for you by tax payers.


Here we go! The ‘I didn’t see it so it must be bad driving’ brigade are commenting again.


another unfit driver through old age or intoxication?!


I had a lamppost jump out on me once


I went past this same spot on Tank Girl my mobility scooter a few minutes earlier. Whats going on? I could see no obstructions to cause this.
Its getting scary on our roads and pavements.


I don’t think the pilot realised Sandown Airport was a little further down the road, I expect air traffic control had the day off…..


Bagsy the wheels!!!

Bob Taylor

Come on, give the driver a break – this location is very well known for its dinosaurs that hide in the bushes to jump out and scare drivers and make them crash…(seriously – the big plastic dinosaurs on the mini golf at Shanklin seafront come to life whenever there’s a tornado in Cowes)

Bob Taylor

…and anyone who says I got it wrong and it’s the plastic dinosaurs in the mini golf on Sandown seafront that come alive is lying!


Phone ?


No it’s definitely a car

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