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Motorists are being warned that it is now illegal to drive up a section of Ryde High Street, with drivers facing a fine and penalty points on their licence if caught.

Despite objections from Ryde residents and businesses alike, changes to the traffic arrangements in Ryde have gone ahead. A prohibition of driving notice is now fully enforceable on the pedestrianised section of the town between Garfield Road and Star Street, including Anglesea Street.

This stretch of High Street used to be a through road but in the late 1980s it was partially pedestrianised. For the past 35 years, motorists have been able to travel up the High Street during specific times, namely after 18:00 and all day on Sundays. Now, it is illegal for motorists to drive up the High Street (between Garfield Road and Star Street) at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.

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There are a few exceptions to the rule with delivery drivers allowed access between 06:00-10:00 only. Those with off-road parking are also allowed access at any time, but residents who have relied on on-street parking can no longer park outside their properties. The ‘no parking at any time zone’ is in force around the clock, including evenings and weekends.

Last night numerous vehicles were still parked in the precinct, despite the new rules and the freshly painted double yellow lines.

The driving element is enforceable by Police, whilst the parking element is enforceable by the Isle of Wight Council’s Parking Services team – also known as traffic wardens.

Another change implemented is the revocation of a one-way system on Anglesea Street. Properties with off-road parking and the town square outside the Co-Operative will now be accessible from George Street, but only market traders with a permit will be allowed access.

The news could come as a blow for businesses such as the bingo hall and fish & chips, whose customers regularly park in the High Street. Residents will also now need to find somewhere else to park. The changes will undoubtedly result in slightly longer delivery times for local takeaways in certain parts of Ryde.

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On Garfield Road, a number of parking spaces have been lost to make way for a loading bay.

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Being disabled, I am unable to walk up the hill so where I used to be able to drive to reach these shops, they are now out of bounds to me. I would imagine that there will be many more people unable to access these shops due to disability, forcing us to drive to another town for similar shops. It seems the IOW council are not concerned about the concerns of the people or the businesses.


Sine the lockdown the government introduced legislation that says councils now no longer have duty of care to elderly or disabled
Hope everyone reads this and looks into it because it is absolutely appalling. People will die because they will have no help.


As delivery drivers can use this between 6am and 10am it would have been sensible to allow the disable to do the same.


That would be a good idea


You can always park in the coop I expect you have a blue badge


Derek -park in co op car park – I am sure you have a badge if you are disabled. It is a pedestrian precinct – not a disabled drivers right of way.


Yes I can park in the Co-op. I have tried that but then walking out onto the High Street I still have to walk uphill to get to the shops. This is where I have problems as I cannot walk up the hill due to severe breathing and heart problems. I do have a blue badge which enabled me to access these shops up to now, but I will not be able to get to them in future. Instead, I will have to go to a different town where there is a similar shop, I thought we were supposed to… Read more »

Fred Nurke

Use the escalator in the Co-op.

The Truth

When it works,


There are a few disabled parking bays on John Street, near to the High Street


I have just commented this exact thing on a post on Facebook apparently there has never been special conditions for blue badge holders on the High Street I said we have been able to park out side the shops early in the morning that’s what I have always been told by the traffic wardens anyway and my carers have always taken me early mornings so I can have a browse instead of them just grabbing what I need more of an excuse to get out for a hr really lol but apparently it’s never been the case iv commented that… Read more »

Mr B

Plenty of disabled parking at John street.


Hooray! I won’t be neatly run over because someone is using it as a short cut! Can’t always walk on the pavement due to cars or vans blocking.

Not American

Before it became the Ryde CoOp it was a Gateway store and the whole of the site that it is built on was originally a council owned public car park.
It was controversial at the time and one of the mitigating factors in its construction were certain caveats on the use and availability of the remaining car park, since conveniently ignored to allow an agency of some sort to levy charges and limit time.
Surely worth investigating if parking is being restricted elsewhere?

Perry Hill

These shops will suffer badly. I am sure years ago it was TWO way traffic there in the 60’s.   I expect it is a ploy to kill off small private shops to then change these little shops into large flats to house more of the worlds overspill throughout the UK.   That or Governments and councils will use ‘green issues’ to price most private car owners off the roads, by eventually ensuring only Electric vehicles are allowed on roads, making the roads and parking much more accessible for the rich to enjoy them as they did pre masse working… Read more »

Jim Britton

I still read that sign as basically “No vehicles 6am-10am”…. Is it just me?


You did sort of, however, the circle above tells you its no vehicles at any time, but the 6am & 10am is for delivery vehicles only.

Island girl

No vehicles 24/7. Only delivery drivers 0600-1000. Car parks in the area so shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Better to be safe than sorry as I’ve seen some near misses between pedestrians and cars especially with children running about. Most high streets are now pedestrianised, we were just years behind doing it.

Jo Don

Nope. Anyone making such an argument is demonstrating they are unfit to hold a UK driving licence.
The Highway Code is quite clear and compulsory.

Old Mike

No, it isn’t just you. A lawyer could have great fun in court with this.


Special circumstances … i wonder what they are?
I wonder if that applies to DC, BJ, Hancock and Bob to name a few !
Didn’t a child get knock down there a couple of years ago?
I wonder if that had something to do with it?


It always was illegal, I remember way back when it was made into a precinct, it was illegal back then, when did it change then?


I take for granted that this will apply 100% to cyclists as well. It had better.


No. They are allowed to break every law, whilst criticising motorists. Will only get worse, when the electric scooter users are causing mayhem on our pavement and roads.


All the high streets are run down , it’s a wonder any body wants to use them anyway


About time too…ppl to lazy to walk anywhere

Adrian Moran

I volunteer for a charity in the High Street and we often rely on our donaters to bring large quantities of donations in their cars to the front of the store, especially those with limited mobility. How will this also impact on Parcel Force, Island Couriers etc. As most stores open at 9, this only leaves a 1 hour window for deliveries or collections. Yet again another idea not thought through properly.


The parking in the evenings got so bad on both sides of the road, with both pavements blocked by vehicles and no hope of a fire engine or an ambulance getting through. Car parks nearby, three in fact often empty. Now the high-street is free of this problem.


No consideration for delivery drivers after that time. How the hell do you drag a pallet up hill to the shops when they some times come in at a ton plus. Parking in a side street won’t be possible we have restrictions at our depot that carnt be loaded before 7 so I catch the 10 o clock ferry. So never going to happen it’s a joke so if I stop making my deliveries to that shop when it goes under every one will complain. it is done by the people that sit behind a desk and have probley never… Read more »


Well I gave up shopping in Ryde and elsewhere years ago my shopping is all done online so no need for the local shops.

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