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During one of the most challenging periods the agricultural industry has faced, Isle of Wight-based tomato farmer, Brian Moralee of APS Produce, has continued to help feed the nation from his nursery in Arreton.

Alongside his best-selling Summer Selection, this year the farm has introduced a new speciality pink beef tomato, ‘Pink Oishi’, available only at M&S.

Each year, Brian, of APS Produce grows over 40 varieties of tomatoes, from hearty beef to the sweet and bitesize Piccolo. He has worked with M&S for 26 years and this year expects to supply over 2,000 tonnes of tomatoes – that’s enough to fill 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

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The new pink beef tomato has been 3 years in the making and will be available at M&S stores throughout the summer. Perfect for summer salads, it balances a clean, sweet flavour with savoury umami notes. It has a unique pink tone, so is sure to stand out on serving plates. We recommend trying them slices with olive oil and fresh basil, with burrata on top.

Brian grows all his tomatoes with sustainability at heart – rainwater is collected and used to water his crops and all green waste is composted on site. The farm even uses biodegradable string for tying in tomato plants and the plants are grown in coir, which is the by product of  coconut production

APS Produce’s Growing Manager, Brian Moralee, said:

“This year has brought unprecedented challenges for all industries, but we’re delighted to have been able to maintain our operations and supply from the Isle of Wight. For me, tomatoes capture the taste of sunshine and good food brings people together, so we hope our tomatoes are enjoyed over many a dinner table this summer. The process for developing a new variety is always intense – each year we trial over 120 varieties and usually only one or two make it through to match our standards on taste and quality. We’re already looking ahead to what we will create for 2021 and 2022, so we look forward to sharing more innovation with M&S customers in the years to come!”

M&S Tomato Technologist, Guy Grimshaw, added:

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“Over the years, we have been committed to our relationships with British farmers and Isle of Wight Tomatoes from APS Produce, is a prime example of that. We value their passion for produce and innovation – setting a clear pattern of how M&S’ vision is carried from soil to shelves. Brian and his team set a fantastic example of an ambition to never stop improving, and we know that their new pink beef tomato has already been a hit with customers.”

All M&S tomatoes are sourced from Select Farms, which are dedicated to delivering the highest quality fresh produce.

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Fantastic that this guy is doing well. But what bugs me is there are loads of unused massive perfectly good greenhouses with nothing in them for years at Merstone by Budbridge Manor.
Why are these left empty. Sinful when we could be growing such, even if only in the summer months if fuel cost make it not worth while in Winter.

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